Thais sure love their “Koo Gum”

This is insane! After mentioning how great 1990 “Koo Gum (ill-fated couple)” was in my “Kwang Returns” post, Ascandaloussin mentioned there was a better one. It’s not a lakorn but rather a movie of “Koo Gum”. My first thought was, “there was a Koo Gum movie, really?”

Then, I finally saw it when Sara provided the youtube link at the comment section of my “Kwang Returns” post. Thanks ladies for the heads up. I would have missed this awesome movie. Yes, pra’ek is freaking Hot Hot with a capital H.

I always thought that 1990 “Koo Gum” lakorn was the original and now I know, it wasn’t. Two “Koo Gum” movies came before the 1990 “Koo Gum” lakorn.

Lets break it all down.
1. The book came first.

2. Then, the first movie in 1973 starring Nart Poowanai, Sayun, Ling Lee Ju, and Rachun.

3. Then, the 1980s movie remake starring Jintara Sukkapat and Warut Worrantum. Oh my god, pra’ek in this version is steaming hot. We should all take a moment to drool at his hotness.

4. 1990 “Koo Gum” lakorn version starring Kwang Kamonchanok and Bird Thongchai.

5. Koo Gum 2- the movie, was released some time after the lakorn, it starred Pol Tuntasatien and Joy Siriluk.

6. 2004 lakorn remake of Koo Gum starring Sornram Theppitak and Benz Pornchita.

7. Koo Gum 2 the lakorn starring “Dan” Worawech Danuwong and Donut Manussanun.

8. “Koo Gum” the musical

9. Another “Koo Gum” movie starring Bird Thongchai and Arpasiri Nitiphol

10. Probably more.

—So which version do you like the best? As for me, I like the Jintara and Warut movie version because Warut is smoking hot.

Watch the Jintara and Warut version at youtube. It’s subbed.

Recent pic of Warut Worrantum, from last year.