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Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar: Ep26 spoiler pics

So, there is going to be a love scene between Oum and Nae Dao coming up Tuesday, September 16.

Oum, the maeng da (meaning water bug and Thai slang for gigolo), makes his move on Nae Dao because she is a hot star at the moment and he wants to ride on her fame. He’s kinda like the guy version of Nae Dao. I guess you can say, “what comes around goes around.”

Because they’re so alike, in that they are venomous people, they will bring each other down from grace.

Actor Nat couldn’t stop laughing because he felt uncomfortable and he is still ‘new’ at this.


Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar: Ep24 Caps

Holy, Holy, Holy marshmallows with melted chocolate on top, it just got really good.

Gun finally did right by Baan.

It’s a proud moment when a stupid pra’ek wises up! Finally, Finally, Mr.Bushy Brow pra’ek did right!

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