Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar: Ep25 Caps

It’s so weird watching Best and Mos interact because they have no chemistry, it’ s like watching Mos hanging out with his little sister. Weird.

Today’s episode was so-so, it’s a setup episode for things to come so nothing much happened.

Gun wants to cancel the engagement and the marriage, but Nae Dao refuses. Gun can’t accept that she tried to kill his unborn child. Nae Dao threatens Gun with a phone call to the press. If he makes any rash actions, she will tell the press about him and Baan, which is a major scandal and could ruin his entire career.

Nae Dao holds up the phone, dials the press, and Gun snatches the phone from her. Gun agrees to stay with Nae Dao and pretend like nothing is wrong for now, but he does want to break up eventually.

Gun informs Manager Pae about his situation.

Manager Pae is shocked.

Gun: “I can’t accept what she did, P’Pae. I’m going to break up with Nae Dao.”

Manager Pae advises Gun to stay with Nae Dao for the time being because they have only been engaged for a couple of days, the press is going to go crazy  if they break up.

For now, Gun needs to keep it a secret that Baan is carrying his child and to still play nice with Nae Dao, if he wants to keep his career.

Tee visits Apsorn’s house to snoop about Baan.

He asked Aunt Som Jai if Baan is home and whether he can talk to her.

Instead of informing Baan, Aunt Som Jai informs Apsorn that Tee is here.

Apsorn yells at Tee to leave but he doesn’t budge. Manager Pae and Gun also makes a visit and they are not too happy to see Tee.

Gun shouts at Tee:”What in the hell are you doing here?”

Tee:“I just came to visit Baan because I heard she experienced something really horrible.”

Gun:“How do you know?”

Tee:”I know that Baan was taken to get an abortion.”

Gun plays it cool at this moment because he doesn’t want Tee to find out that Baan is still pregnant. Gun just switched the subject and accused Tee of teaming up with Nae Dao to hurt Baan.

Tee explained to Gun that he had no involvement, he just witnessed the act and was not part of it.

Before he leaves, Tee taps Gun on the shoulder and tells him, “I’m  sorry Gun that you had to lose your child.”

Gun kicks up him and Tee gives a half-ass wai to everyone before he makes his official exit. LOL. I love Tee.

After Tee leaves, Apsorn asked Gun why Tee thinks that Baan lost the baby.

Gun explains that Nae Dao, Tee, and Manager Bie thinks that Baan lost the baby.

Manager Pae thinks this is a good thing because it will keep Baan safe from the press and Nae Dao.

Gun is really taking on his father role seriously. He was kinda annoyed that Baan was thinking about baby names without him.

Gun:“Hey Baan, looking for the baby’s name, you should let me be part of that too.  This is my child too.”

Baan is surprised that Gun is so into it and his mother is happy that he is taking his parental responsibilities seriously.

Apsorn probably envies Baan because when she was pregnant with Gun, Bancha was never there.

Ew, Oum arrives on set of Gun and Nae Dao’s lakorn. Ewww. Oum and Nae Dao were flirting up a storm while filming their scene. God, they are so alike.

Manager Bie saw what was going on and she was not too happy about it. She warns Nae Dao about her actions because Nae Dao is still in a relationship with Gun, even though it’s a farce relationship, it’s still a relationship. They still need to keep it up for the press. The only way Nae Dao can break up with Gun is when he makes a mistake and she has a good enough excuse to break up with him.

Gun and Nae Dao go on the DaraStory show to talk about their relationship. Gun is uncomfortable throughout the show but puts on a fake smile anyways.

During the show, Gun takes the time to insult Nae Dao.

When the hosts asked Gun whether he notices any changes or difference after they got engaged, Gun sarcastically replies, “it’s very different. After we got engaged, I realized that Nae Dao is a good person more than I previously thought. “

The hosts asked how so and Gun answers:”She is very peaceful, she doesn’t think about hurting others, she doesn’t hold grudges, she is not vindicative, whoever hurts her she always forgives.”

Nae Dao just looks at Gun uncomfortably after they made those statements because she knows he was being sarcastic.

After the taping, Gun and Nae Dao get into an argument in the dressing room.

Gaye who was also at the taping of DaraStory listens in on Gun and Nae Dao’s argument. Gaye suspects that Gun is still seeing Baan even though he lied to Nae Dao that he wasn’t.

Gaye informs Tee, Tee calls the press.

The press goes to Apsorn’s house to investigate the rumor that Gun is keeping a servant mistress at his mother’s house.

They come at the right time because Gun is there too visiting Baan.

While the press is snooping downstairs, Gun is talking about baby stuff with Manager Pae and Baan. Then, Manager Pae gets a phone call and he peeks outside. He panics when he sees a known paparazzi guy buying sweets from Aunt Som Jai. Manager Pae fears the worst. He thinks that the reporter is there to scoop out the story about Baan and Gun.

Manager Pae instructs Gun to stay in the room because if he doesn’t, the press is going to on him like white on rice.

Dude, the press can be really noisy. One dude even tried to sneak upstairs. Luckily, Manager Pae stopped him in time.

Manager Pae tries to rush the reporters out of the property but they refuse to leave.

When Baan made a noise by accidentally knocking over a picture frame, the 2 men press wanted to check it out. Dude, they were really nosy. Like seriously, it’s not even their house. Manager Pae had to stop them and even lied that he didn’t hear anything.

LOL. Gun was getting scared that he might get caught, he holds on to Baan tightly. What a loser! And it was very cute.

Apsorn arrives and angrily kicks the men out.

Though they don’t have proof, the reporters run with the story. It’s all over the news.

At an event, Gun is bombarded by the press. He doesn’t know how to answer them so Nae Dao lies for him.

In private, Gun and Nae have an argument about the situation. BLah..Blah. This is episode was really boring.

At the end of the episode, Nae Dao learns that Tee was the one who linked the story.