Botun Greep Sood Tai: Ep10 Aum and Aff’s highlights

Just when I’m beginning to like it, it’s ending. Tanyong (Aff) and Ah-Joo (Aum) are just too cute together. She doesn’t know it but he is guiding her to become a better person. It’s cute.

I did not watch episode 10 yet but I did see screen caps of it at Pantip forum. Here they are….

Hanging out, messing around like they always do.

Then, Ah-Joo’s parents make a surprise visit.

The look in Tanyong’s face exclaims, “Who in the bananas are these people?”

Ah-Joo’s face was priceless when he sees his parents, just like a little kid’s face when caught doing something naughty.

Ah-Joo drags his parents downstairs to clear the situation. Ah-Joo explains that Tanyong is his friend who needed a place to stay because she is having problems at home.

Ah-Joo’s father doesn’t believe him and believes that Tanyong and Ah-Joo have a thing together. He is furious and proclaims that he will not accept a woman like Tanyong for a daughter-in-law because a woman who runs off with a man so readily is a woman of ill-taste.

Tanyong is furious when she hears this, she interrupts him, “Excuse me Uncle, I believe you are misunderstanding. I’m a woman who has enough self-respect, there is no way I would ever run off with a man. I’m living here because I’m having problems at home. If you’re not satisfied, then I’ll leave. And, you don’t need to worry about accepting me as your daughter-in-law because that man over there, I don’t even like him.”

Tanyong tries to leave but Ah-Joo blocks her and proclaims, “I refuse to let you leave, where ever you go, I will follow you!”

Tanyong looks at Ah-Joo’s parents with embarrassment and pushes Ah-Joo aside and walks out. Hehe, he follows her.

Ah_Joo convinces Ah-Yong to stay by threating to tell her father that she is living here.

Ah-Yong kicks Tanyong in the shin and even though he is in pain, he annoys her by keeping a smile.

Ah-Joo’s father spits out stir-fried veggies he was eating when he learns that Ah-Yong cooked it.

Ah-Joo’s father refuses to eat and walks off. Ah-Yong is hurt and Ah-Joo’s mother looks at her regrettably.

Ah-Joo’s father continues to be displease with Tanyong because he sees her repairing something.

Ah-Joo’s father, “What are you doing, this is not woman’s work!”

She might not be getting along with Ah-Joo’s father, but she is getting brownie points from Ah-Joo’s mother. They farm together and talk about what kind of work Tanyong is in.

Ah-Yong explains she is out of work at the moment but wants to be a mechanic and open a car repair shop.

Ah-Joo finds it strange but thinks it’s a great idea and encourages Ah-yong to follow her dream.

Ah-Yong is surprised because no one has ever supported her dreams of becoming a mechanic. She is touched.

Tanyong is probably thinking, “I like him, he is so good to his mother.”

While tending the garden, Tanyong hears Ah-Joo’s father call out for help, he got bitten by a snake.

She helps him out. Now, she getting brownie points from the dad too.

Ah-Joo’s mother just loves Tanyong after she helped Ah-Joo’s father with the whole snake bite ordeal.

Now, she gets a truck load of brownie points from mom.

Tanyong overhears Ah-Joo’s parents arguing about Ah-Joo’s story. Ah-Joo’s father doesn’t want to hear anymore because it’s the part where the heroine is getting yelled at by her father.

Ah-Joo’s mother then tells him to just bare it because it’s part of the story and it’s better because when he was sleeping, she already finished the story. The heroine runs away from home.

Light bulb, the story reminds Tanyong of someone she knows, herself.

I spy Tanyong, do you see her?

She listens from a far as Ah-Joo’s father puts him down.

If you didn’t see her, she was hiding behind the bushes. HAHAH…That Ah-Yong is one sneaky young woman.

Tanyong complains to Ah-Joo’s mother about what she heard. Ah-Joo’s mother explains this is very typical of her husband and don’t take it to heart.

Ah-Yong realizes that she has a lot in common with Ah-Joo, but his situation is worst.

Ah-Joo tells Ah-Yong that her father is very ill and she should go visit him.

At first she doesn’t believe him, but he explains that the doctor who cared for his father is also the same doctor at the hospital caring for Ah-Yong’s father.

Ah-Joo’s father hears their conversation and encourages Ah-Yong to visit her father because he was in a similar situation as her father.

He wanted so badly to see his children. Every time the hosptial door opened he was hoping to see his two favorite sons. But sadly he explained, they never came to visit him. Only Ah-joo came.

Ah-yong was annoyed by his favoritism for his two older boys and gives him a tearful speech about how parents should love their children equally.

Tons of tears and Ah-Joo’s father takes her lecture to heart.

Ah-Yong makes a visit to the hospital to see her ailing father. She watches and listens from a far when everyone receives the news that her father will be okay.

When everyone leaves, Yong secretly visits her father while he is sleeping. When she hears someone coming in, she hides under her father’s hospital bed.

It’s Ah-Joo and he sees her under the bed. He signals and mouths to Tanyong’s father that she is hiding under the bed.

Tanyong’s father smiles with glee that his runaway daughter has come to visit him.

Ah-Joo pats off dirt from his shoe to annoy her and tells her father that she is one stubborn and selfish girl. LOL

Knowing that she is there, he makes tearful speech about how much he misses her.

Ah-Yong’s father:“When you see her, tell her that the only reason why I said those things is because I’m very worried about her. I might have been too harsh, but my words represented concern. If she still wants to prove herself and is not ready to come home yet, I send out my heart for encouragement. “

Awww…She cries while hearing it.

Everyone is getting along at the dinner table, even Tanyong and Ah-Joo’s father.

He teases her and she almost whacks him with a stick.

Ah-Joo encourage Ah-Yong to go back to her family. They need her, they are opening their opera show at a new complex, a movie theater. They need actors.

Ah-Yong still remain stubborn and refuses to go back home because she feels like she can’t help them because she is no good trouble maker.

HAHA..just wanted to add this in because Khun Pong finally gets caught with his gay lover. HAHA…that lying son-of-a-beep beep will get his.

Ah-Jo is stunned when he sees Khun Pong and his gay lover while on vacation with his secretary. God, don’t you just love these two men. Khun Pong is cheating on his wife Dala with his gay lover and Ah-Jo is cheating on his rich wife with his secretary.

You know, Ah-Jo sees this sighting as an opportunity to extort money from Khun Pong.

I have to add that I really hate Khun Pong, he is using his wonderful wife Dala and his 2 children to shield the fact that he is gay. To him, his wife and children are just tools to shield the truth and a way for him to live a carefree life without prosecution with his gay lover. If the truth ever comes out that he is gay, his father would disown him and his life of luxury would be history. GR! He is very selfish and pitiful man, who pretends to be compassionate.

HAHA..I love them, Ah-Joo coos Tanyong to reconcile with her father.

In the end, she takes Ah-Joo’s advice and visits her father at the hospital for a reconciliation.