Botun Greep Sood Tai: Ep.11 just a glimpse

I’m in a rush to leave, so here is what I have for now.

The almost kiss at the beginning of the episode when they were hiding from bandits who were chasing them.

Ah-Yong was super funny, after they almost touched lips, she became embarrassed, she scurried away and hid behind a large trash basket. He chuckled.

Later  on that night, both are thinking about each other and that moment. LOL. so corny.

The next morning, Ah-Yong is super shy around Ah-Joo.

But that didn’t last because shyness turns to rage when she discovers his story column about her family.

She confronts him about the story that he is writing and pretty much called him a “deceiving no good bastard”. She kicks him out of the Opera house.