I’m TOO old for him

Actress and former Miss Thailand 2001, Nui Sujira denies the rumor that she is currently cosing it up with co-star Tui AF3 on the set of their sitcom “Ruk Tong Som ( Love Must Repair)” for Ch5. She told the press she is too old for Tui and she doesn’t see him that way.

In her words:

Really, there is nothing going on. The news that arise is more to promote the lakorn than the truth. Right now, Tui cannot respond to this news because he has a throat infection. As for the news that I hand feed Tui on the set of our lakorn, that would be impossible because his fanclub is a major obstruction. And, I don’t even think of Tui in that way. When he was sick, I didn’t visit him. Just now, I found out there is news about me wanting to cancel my time on set because I found out that Tui went to have surgery. There was no message, I had no chance to do so. The news had no backing. Plus, he is younger than me. There is no chance of me liking a child. I’m not saying that he is not a good guy, I’m just saying I don’t think of him in that way, that’s all.

Tui, a child? He is only 1 year younger than her.
He is 25 and she turned 26 this past August.

He was born on May 7, 1983 and she was born on August 8, 1982.
Am I missing something?
By the way, home girl used to date Num Sornram.