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So Saeng Tawan: End

So Saeng Tawan concluded today in typical lakorn fashion—the main villain gets shot & dies and pra’ek gets shot and lives, while nang’ek gives birth to a child. Also, pra’ek’s secret identity is revealed.

Not the reception he was expecting, Jantakarn (Tle) gets a warm welcome from his biological mother when she learns the truth. Family Hug! Look at that face, someone is stunned because all this time, he thought his mother hated and abandoned him.

Later on in the episode, he defends his brother and mother against his villainous uncle.

Bang, in typical lakorn fashion, he gets shot. Though I don’t have the screen recap of it, the police come and shoot down his villainous uncle.

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Boy Peacemaker’s single for Jai Rao

Boy Peacemaker“Jai Khong Chan Pen Khong Thur (My heart belongs to you)” from the “Jai Rao OST

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Wishbone has translated the lyrics for the opening and closing songs for “Jai Rao” and I was able to track down one of the songs, sung by Boy Peacemaker. The song is “Jai Khong Chan Pen Khong Thur (My heart belongs to you)”. Aff and Ken also sings this song, but it’s not release yet.

Here is a youtube video of Aff and Ken recording the song.

The song “Yak mee Cheevit Pue Thur (I would like to live my life for you)” sung by Beau Sinita and Aof Pongsak, used in the first “Jai Rao” teaser, I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

For now, enjoy the Boy Peacemaker song. I do love it.

Just the English Lyrics translated by Wishbone:

I don’t know who is to blame.
Whether it’s destiny or something else that has made you leave me.
Why must people who love each so much be so distantly apart.
I’m also human, how can I bear it?

*I don’t know what to do. It’s like my heart is going to be torn off.
My life is secluded and everything in it is desolated
Like a lonely person burying myself in the past.
I want you to know how regretful and heart-broken I am

**My heat belongs to you, no matter how long it is.
And it will be yours forever.
My heart belongs to only you with my whole heart.
I will wait for you…love you until I die…Oh my heart!
I don’t know the reason.
Heaven’s intention or anyone made us be far apart.
It’s too cruel, I have never prepared myself…
To lose you like today.

Repeat *,**

You can also download the song at Ateam Forum and find more info about the lakorn there too.


Who am I? Age 15

When I saw this picture, I had a hard time figuring it out. Maybe it’s the haircut and the somber mood of the picture that threw me off because usually this actress illuminates her fashion photos with a slight smile or a hearty chuckle smile. She is the embodiment of health and happiness, well at least to me she does.

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Gof wins Superstar Reality Talent show

“Gof” Akara Amarttayakul from the movie “Muay Thai Chaiya” reign supreme as the victor of the talent reality show “Superstar” for Modern 9, a show where they make D-list Thai stars do crazy musical numbers on stage. Gof will take home 10 million baht (286,956.40 USD) in cash and other prizes; in all he takes home a total of 17 million baht (487,825.8749 USD) given by the sponsoring real estate company, the LOFTS. The losing, last 3 final contestants: Fluke, Tak Bongkot, and Jik Naowarat also received prizes worth more than 2 million baht (57,391.2794 USD). Wow, that is a lot of “Do-Ri-Me”.

At the end of the show, Gof danced sexily to the beat of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. Of course, Gof is super happy.

Mamee Nakapapa, Gof’s girlfriend cheers for him in the audience.

The final 4 and the full cast. Looks more like a gay cabaret more than a Talent reality show. X who is wearing the police uniform reminds me of the Village People, kinda makes me wanna do the “YMCA”. Anyone want to upload this for me, I think I want to watch it now.

Fluke and his posse—new friend Paeng and ex-wife Bow & their son Archi came to cheer him on. Weird, new and old lover, impending catfight backstage…hmm.

Here’s Tak doing her bootylicious number, mom looks pissed that she didn’t win.

Do you see Jik in the gold bodysuit? Oh my. And a tiara, oh my again.

-Here is a clip of the show from a few weeks ago, it’s the one where Gof and Jik kissed during their musical number. The kiss starts around the 4:50 time marker.


Who am I? Tranny moment

For many of you, the recognition will be pretty instant and you’ve probably seen this picture before. The rest, you guys have been under a rock for toooo long because he is one of the hottest Thai stars at the moment. I know it’s really obvious, but it’s still fun to look at.

He makes such an ugly woman. I guess that’s a good thing.

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Work before LOVE

It is part of the fan-base accessibility image ploy but it still annoys me to no end. Most Thai stars follow a script when trying to answer about their love lives–work always come before love and no they’re not lonely, they have their moms.

A well-known mama’s boy, Rome told a reporter during an one-on-one interview that work is more important and love can wait for later.

His response when asked about his love life:

This line of work is tiring and I’m not hiding a lover. It has always been like this, there is not a lot of people who come into my life. I have existed like this for a long time. When I have personal time off, I work-out at the house or care for my dog. It is rarity I even get personal time off, but on the rare cases that I do, I don’t even want to go anywhere. I just stay at home. My phone bill, I don’t even go out and pay for it, I make my mother do it consistently because I just want to stay at home and care for my dog or ride my motorcycle.

So you’re saying work comes first and love can come later?
I say that work is harder to find than love. It’s true that wealth can’t help you find a girlfriend and love can not be brought; however, I believe in fate. We’re at this place because of fate, when the time comes, it will come by itself.

Though I’m not sure whether “Som” Thansinee, actress from “Supaab Borut Satan (Gentleman Satan)” believes in fate but she also follows the same philosophy as Rome—work before love and she is a mama’s girl.

Som’s response when asked why she hasn’t found a boyfriend yet:

Maybe it is because I have not found that person yet and also I’m not ready to date anyone. I been continuously working and don’t have time. When you asked whether I was lonely, I say occasionally. It depends on my mood. But I do have my mother around as a friend so I feel complete. My mother and I are very close. If I was to see someone, I know for sure my mother would be greatly concerned. Not having anyone is also a good thing because I’m a workaholic. If I had a boyfriend there wouldn’t be time for him and we wouldn’t last. If I do have a boyfriend and it’s not the collar on your neck type, I would be happy.