Gaew Lom Phet: spoiler pictures

I saw this at Tina’s blog and I had to post it too. It’s too juicy! The pictures are from Thairath news website. They’re scenes from the upcoming episode of “Gaew Lom Phet”, Namphet (Vill) and Chewin (Yuk) in bed together. Screams!!! AH!

First off, it’s not what you think. They were drugged!!! Don’t you just love lakorns, someone is always getting drugged or raped and there are plenty of misunderstandings. It’s so absurd, but still you find it addicting.

Initially, Gaew Gao (Aerin) wanted to drug Nop (New) and Namphet and create a scene of misunderstanding for Chewin. You know, to make Chewin think Nop and Namphet “wink wink”. I know, Gaew Gao is crazy. She slipped sleeping pills in Nop’s wine glass and left. Luckily, Nop realized what she did and switched the drink with Chewin. After Chewin passes out, he created a scene of misunderstanding for Gaew Gao. HAHA. I love Nop.

When Namphet woke up from her slumber, she found herself naked beside Chewin. AHHHHHH!!! She immediately pushed him off the bed and probably screamed her heart out. I read they had to do to this scene 3 times to get it right. Poor Yuk, he had to fall off the bed 3 times.