Ngao Asoke:ep27 Garden Scene SUBBED

I’m actually on the Ngao Asoke fansubbing team and I haven’t been doing much. Sorry TINA! I just been busy doing this and that. Since I had time today, I decided to subbed one of my favorite scenes in Ngao Asoke, episode 27 “THE GARDEN SCENE”. Do you guys remember it, the heart-wrenching scene after the kiss and the most hilarious beat-down scene in lakorn history. You know the one, Wiyada flinging manly, muscular Monthai across the room like a rag doll because she caught him kissing Bie. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

In the garden scene, Bie confesses to Monthai that she has no right to be angry with him even if he abuses her because she is just a shadow with no meaning, something you can abuse and discard, a person beneath him, his valueless servant. Awww!

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I heart heart this scene.

Bie is strolling around in the yard and Monthai approaches her. At first, he hesitates but since he can’t help himself, he approaches her.

Monthai coming from behind.

Monthai:’Earlier this evening, why didn’t come and eat?”

Bie turns around to look him in the face.

Bie:”Do you need me to do anything for you?”

Monthai:No, I just wanted to know why you didn’t come to eat?”

Bie:‘I already ate in the kitchen. If you don’t need for anything, I will excuse myself.”

Bie cries and tries to walk away.

Monthai grabs hold of her arm to stop her.

Monthai:”Hold up.”

Sensing that he is doing something wrong by touching her arm, he gently releases her.

Monthai angrily:’You’re angry with me aren’t you?”

Bie:”What did you do wrong?”

Monthai:The thing when I….” He pauses because he doesn’t want to admit that he kissed her.

Bie looks at him courageously and helps him out:”The thing when you kissed me.”

Monthai:”Yes! That issue! You really hate me, don’t you? That’s why you have been avoiding me.

Bie turns around and tries to walk away. He takes hold of her.

Monthai shakes Bie: “You hate me because I’ve made Wi misunderstand you and hurt you. You hate me, don’t you?’

Bie cries and looks at him straight in the face:’How can I hate you? I’m…I’m only a servant. You and Khun Wi can do anything to me. I don’t even have the right to be angry.”

Monthai releases her and Bie continues.

Bie:”I’m only a shadow…A shadow that has no meaning..a shadow that doesn’t have a heart…anyone can trample on me…and I would have to endure it.”

Bie cries and closes her eyes.

Bie:’You can accuse me, yell at me, it doesn’t matter. You can harassed me until I’m dead. I have no right to hate my master.”

Monthai raises his hand to touch Bie’s face but hesitates. He listens to her and remain silent.

Bie finally opens her eyes and finds herself alone. Monthai doesn’t know how to respond to her confession so he walks away without her knowing.

Bie realizes that she is alone. She drops to the ground and weeps.

—POWERFUL MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!! My god!

Monthai is still around. He watches her from afar and struggles with his own feelings too.