The Best Lakorns of 2008! PART 1

For 2008, there were 83 lakorns that aired.

Ch 3 had 5 evening lakorns and 28 prime time lakorns. In total, they aired 33 lakorns.

Ch 5 had 10 lakorns.

Ch7 aired 4 youth evening lakorns, 10 evening lakorns, 24 prime time lakorns. Ch7 had a total of 38 lakorns for the year.

Modern 9 devoted their lakorn hours for “Academy Fantasia”, a singing talent reality show. They aired only 2 lakorns for the year.

How many lakorns did you watch this year? Sadly, I watched more than half of the lakorns that aired, I think I’m in the 50 range.

Ch3 started the year strong with “Jamleuy Rak (Defendant of Love)”, a complicated of love, revenge and kidnap. Not only was “Jamleuy Rak (Defendant of Love)” a major rating hit for Ch3 and it also helped propel its two leading stars Aum Atichart and Aff Taksaorn into mega-stardom.

Other hits for Ch3 for the first half of the year included:

-“Dang Duang Tawan (Like the Sun)”, a melodrama about fathers and their complicated relationship with their children; “Dang Duang Tawan” paired Rome Patchada and Vicky Sunisa for the first time.

-“Pee Kaew Nang Hong” a horror lakorn about fate and reincarnation, it starred Dan Worawech Danuwong and Ae Issariya.

-“Nimit Marn” , a horror lakorn starring Mart Krissada and Ploy Cherman. Mart Krissada played a hideous hunchback with a voracious sexual appetite for his female slaves in old time Thailand. When he died, his soul remained on earth, haunting and praying on women who rent his family’s estate. Ploy played his latest victim.

-Action lakorn, “Payak Sao Sab Eelee” starring Ken Theeradeth’s wife Noi Bussakorn, Benz Pornchita, Paul Pattarapol, and Taya Rogers did very well also.

Like I mentioned, Ch3 started out really strong for 2008. By late March, Sawan Biang (Heaven Diversion)” premiered, setting a ratings record for Ch3, and reunited Ann Thongprasom and Ken Theerdeth for the 3rd time.

“Songkram Nangfah (War of the Flight Attendants/Angel Wars )” starring Bee Namthip, Pong Nawat, and Kong Saharat was a major ratings hit for Ch5 beginning of the year. “Songkram Nangfah” centered around a young flight attendant Lin (Bee Namthip) and her cheating lover Ming (Pong Nawat), a pilot captain.

Within two weeks of airing, “Songkram Nangfah” became notoriously known internationally when the union of Thai Airways flight attendants filed a lawsuit and demanded the show be pulled off air because its negative portrayal of flight attendants as brainless bimbos who were only obsessed with landing a pilot husband. The crazy bitch slaps on flight and actor Yuan playing a gay flight attendant didn’t help either.

Ch7 started the year poorly with “Wimarn Mungkorn” starring Pancake Khemmanid and Oil Thana but later bounce back with “Nang Tat (Slave Girl)”, a historical lakorn about a young slave girl who loses her right to be a mother. Kob Suvanant played the lead role and Yui Chiranan Manochaem won the “Best Drama Performance by an Actress” at the 2008 Asia Television Awards for her role as Salee in the series.

Other ratings hit for Ch7 for the first half of the year included “Tong 9″ and “Dao Puern Din”

Ch7 scored high with “Dao Puern Din (A star on Earth/A Star stained on Earth)” starring Vee Veeraphap, Noon Woranuch, and Chompoo Araya. Thai viewers love Chompoo Araya portrayal of crazy Rinladaa, a young woman obsessed with Noon Woranuch’s character Eaum Dao. Rinladaa wants to take everything from Eaum Dao–her wealth, her fiancee Aaran played by Vee, her family, just everything.