Dum Kham premiering soon!

I’m very excited for upcoming lakorn “Dum Kham (Tanned)”, a romance comedy starring Pong Nawat and Tangmoe Pattarathida as two dueling personalities forced into an arrange marriage by their fathers.

Pong plays high society guy Tuthiya, a snobbish man from the city. Tangmoe plays Dum, a feisty girl from the country. Unbeknownst to them both, their fathers had engaged them since childhood.

Not wanting to marry Tuthiya, a man who looks down on country folks, Dum paints her body black and pretends to an uncultured woman to make Tuthiya despise her and break off their arrange marriage. Sure enough, he does.

Driving home, Tuthiya gets into a car accident and is rescued by Dum. She cares for him and when he wakes up, she realizes he has lost his memory. Ah huh! Play time! She mischievously takes advantage of this and takes Tuthiya to her plantation, she tells him he is Tui, one of her employees. As Tui, she makes his life a living hell by making him eat and sleep in sand.

When he regains his memory, Tuthiya vows revenge and announces to everyone he will marry Dum. Though Dum rejects the proposal, she is pressured by her elders and they are married.

Of course their married life is completely disastrous but eventually they fall for each other.

You can read the full detailed summary at Tina’s blog.

“Dum Kham” will premier after Stefan and Jui’s“Montra Haeng Ruk” on January 18, 2009. Though it is an Exact production, it is showing on Ch7. It’s an Exact and Ch7 fusion.

I have high expectations for this lakorn, hopefully it will not disappoint like Chakrit’s lakorn “Khun Mae Jam-Laeng”.

English Sub Information:

Video Parts Source Date Added
Dum Kham Ep. 1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,9 Youtube January 19,2008


Fan me. Fan me. Pong Nawat shirtless! That’s always a good thing!