Montra Haeng Ruk: The Thumb Kiss

Why don’t you just kiss for reals? Only in Thai dramas would they do this.

In today’s episode of “Montra Haeng Ruk” starring Stefan Sunti and Jui Warataya, they “kiss”. It’s not really a kiss, it’s more of Stefan placing his thumb between his lips and Jui’s and then kissing his thumb. Classic lakorn fake kiss technique!

Stefan plays Chakrit and Jui plays Mai. She secretly longs for him and he openly showers her with love; however, they can not be because of Amy Morakot’s psycho character. Amy’s character has manipulated Stefan into believing that Jui is a dangerous/greedy person with violent intent. To escape Amy’s craziness, Jui has decided to marry her best guy friend and from the pressures of his mother, Stefan is marrying Amy. Coincidentally, they find themselves in the same wedding portrait shop. As their betroths are dressing, they find themselves alone together and the show down begins.

I haven’t seen the episode yet, I’m just making up dialogue because Thai lakorns are very predictable. It’s really not hard to imagine what they said.

Stefan:“You lying, deceptive woman, how can you marry him?”

Jui:“What about you, you’re marrying her!”

Blah Blah, Bitch slap! Then the fake kiss!

Do you see the thumb? HAHA, I see it.

Ahhh caught