Buang Ruk Kammathep: Ep 9 caps

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God, I love this episode, freaking hilarious even when they are not trying to be. I still can’t get over the “google” search thing. HAHA. At work today, I was laughing to myself about it.

At the start of the episode we have Toonkla getting a scolding from his aunt Oranicha about disturbing the hotel guest. Then a young hotel worker sees them and shoos them away. They leave as Phubordee is coming out. When Phubordee steps out, the hotel worker apologizes to him about the disturbance. What? Did you guys really think it would be that easy for Phubordee to find Oranicha. This is a lakorn, it’s never easy. They build up to when they finally find each other.

As they are about to head home, Toonkla asked his aunt whether she can buy him another soccer ball.

She replies:”No, a soccer ball is not cheap. Your grandfather has grow a lot of vegetables to buy just one soccer ball. If you want another soccer ball, your grandfather must grow more vegetables and be tired. Remember this, your grandfather and I must work to get money to buy things. Every dime we earn is not easy to get. The next time, you receive something, you must learn to care for it and keep it well, so that your grandfather and I don’t have to be tired for free and you won’t be regretful. Do you understand me?”

The kid nods “yes”. That some damn good parenting. I would have just whack him on the head and said, “Hell No”.

Oranicha light-heartedly calls Toonkla a troublemaker and her father looks at her…“To hear that word, it reminds me of Khun Phubordee. He likes to call you….that troublemaker”

Oranicha becomes annoyed and said, “dad, why are you remembering that cold-hearted person for, he doesn’t deserve your memory. It’s a waste of brain cells to even remember him.”

They leave just as Tawee is pulling into the hotel parking lot.

That night, Tawee confronts Phubordee about his intentions, he wants Phubordee to back off.

Phubordee argues he is that’s kid’s uncle, he has every right to interfere. Tawee yell explains that Oranicha is also a relative to Prawat’s son, she has every right to be his parent. Phubordee disagrees and argues that Oranicha can not raise Prawat’s child, she doesn’t have the ability to.

Phubordee vows to Tawee that he will not return until he finds Prawat’s son, Tawee warns he will do the same.

They literally stared at each other for a moment. When Phubordee turned away that was when the scene ended. What the hell was that all about. Did they really need to have a brief staring contest?

The next morning, Tawee is slowed down by a little problem, his tires have been removed by Phubordee.

Phubordee heads out first and even taunts Tawee about the situation.

Phubordee stops first at a clinic where Oranicha used to work. He learns from one of her co-workers that she has quit and nobody knows where she move to.

At first, Phubordee doesn’t believe her and starts searching through Oranicha’s old desk, when he finds nothing, he concludes the co-worker is not lying.

Soon after Phubordee leaves, the co-worker calls Oranicha about the hot/mysterious guy who came to ask about her. She told Oranicha she done what she was instructed to do, to not tell anyone about Oranicha’s new job or home location.

I love the part where Oranicha instantly knew it was Phubordee when her co-worker said, “a handsome guy who could pass as a pra’ek in a lakorn came by and asked about you.” It makes me believe that Oranicha thinks Phubordee is cute and could pass for a pra’ek in a lakorn.

Her co-worker also described the mystery guy as conceited, which confirmed to Oranicha that it is Phubordee. Good looking and conceited, who else could it be?

Phubordee who is lurking behind a corner heard the whole conversation. Dude is sneaky.

Immediately after the conversation with her co-worker, Oranicha calls Gifgay. Gifgay reluctantly tells her that Phubordee knows about Oranee’s death and Toonkla. The reason why he is there is to find Toonkla. Oranicha panics and vows to never let it happen. She wants Gifgay to pass this to Khun Tawee, who will then pass the message to Phubordee, that if he doesn’t stop looking for them, they will keep fleeing. Oranicha hangs up and Gifgay calls Tawee to inform him about the situation.

As they are chatting, he reports to her about his situation. He has lost track of Phubordee because someone removed all the tires from his car. Tawee makes a promise to Gifgay:”I ran into a little problem, but I promise I won’t let Phubordee out of my sight next time.”

Gifgay then asked, “where do you think he will look for her next, he doesn’t even know her address and he knows now that she isn’t working at her old job? What do you think he is going to do?”

Tawee very seriously:“I think I have an idea, if it was me, I would use the same method.”

Gifgay a little confuse and asked: “What method is that?”

[look it’s Phubordee searching on GOOGLE. OH MY GOD! So lame]

He doesn’t answer her and he hangs up. GUESS the method! I couldn’t stop laughing after that. Their “special” method is GOOGLE SEARCH! The next scene is of Phubordee and Tawee searching on GOOGLE for health centers around the area. WTH. Phubordee’s google search word is health center/clinics around the area.

That night at Oranicha’s house, she informs her father that Phubordee is here in their town searching for Toonkla. After his summer break starts, which is today, she plans to keep Toonkla at home until Phubordee stops searching for them. Her father was nonchalant about the situation because he knew this day would come. He tells her, “this issue was meant to happen eventually, if not slow than fast, now it has happened.”

“Even though we want to flee it, or safeguard against it, anything that will happen, will happen.” He concludes after stumbling away.


The next day, Phubordee goes searching using maps he found on Google Map and health center addresses he found on google. To each place, he shows the head person a picture of Oranicha. So far, no one knows of her. Each place he visits, Tawee is right behind him, using the same method.

Heading to his next target sight, he passes Oranicha on the road, instantly he stops and she stops also. They saw each other.

She panics and speeds away. He pursues her. When they head up a hill, Oranicha takes an opportunity to drive into the forest to escape. Not seeing her, Phubordee stops his car and steps out. He tells her to come out. She remains quiet.

“Don’t you dare think you can escape me.Remember this Oranicha, I will not stop until If find you.” He shouts.

Before heading back to his car, Phubordee huffs, “That damn Troublemaker.”

Back with Tawee, he is having a hard time finding Oranicha also, he finds inspiration when he sees primary school children walking by. He calls Gifgay to ask if she found Oranicha’s address yet, she has not. He jokes that she is really of no help to him. Though she did not find the address, she can give him some info that can help in his search. She provides Toonkla’s name and also is grade in school. He is probably a first grader at a primary school.

What he couldn’t figure that out by himself? Oranee died 5 years ago, of course the kid is in primary school.

Tawee arrives to the school just as Oranicha is picking Toonkla up. She sees him and jets off, he follows her.

Oh great, another person dies. Each week, they have someone die. First week, Prawat dies. Second week, Oranee dies. This week, Uthai dies. What the hey. Poor guy, heart attack or maybe stroke.

Tawee follows Oranicha to her house, he tells her, “I comes peace or I come not to harm.” HAHA, like he is freaking Martian or something. He tells her about the inheritance, she doesn’t want any of it. If Phubordee is here for that reason, he should just go back. Nope, Phubordee wants the kid and will not stop until he gets him. Tawee offers her his assistance. Then, Toonkla runs to her. He went to go see his grandfather as they chatted, when he tried to wake up his grandfather, he wouldn’t wake up.

Yep, confirm, Oranicha’s father dies. Oranicha is devastated.

Tawee informs Gifgay about Uthai’s death. She plans to come up north for the funeral.

By the end of the episode, Phubordee finds a person who knows Oranicha. He asked if anyone around here has a kid or a nephew, old guy tells him that there are two people: Gulap and Oranicha. Oranicha has a son and some lady named Gulap has two children. Mistakenly, Phubordee thinks that Oranicha has gotten married and had a kid and is also raising Prawat’s son. If he asked the old guy some more questions, he wouldn’t have misunderstood the situation. But he didn’t. The episode ends with Phubordee thinking Oranicha has a family of her own and is raising Prawat’s son.