Buang Ruk Kammathep: Ep 9 funny scene

Yo…Yo…freaking hilarious. What is Tawee and Phubordee’s special method to finding Oranicha? I seriously thought they were going to do something cool like hire a crazy bounty hunter, add a new spunky character into the lakorn. Nope, their special method is GOOGLE search. HAHA. Like what the hell.

Let me lay the scene for you…

Tawee is talking to Gifgay on the phone, he is reporting back to her about his situation. He has lost track of Phubordee because someone removed all the tires from his car. Cough, cough, Phubordee’s handy work. Tawee makes a promise to Gifgay:”I ran into a little problem, but I promise I won’t let Phubordee out of my sight next time.”

Gifgay then asked, “where do you think he will look for her next, he doesn’t even know her address and he knows now that she isn’t working at her old job? What do you think he is going to do?”

Tawee very seriously:“I think I have an idea, if it was me, I would use the same method.”

Gifgay a little confuse and asked: “What method is that?”

[look it’s Phubordee searching on GOOGLE. OH MY GOD! So lame]

He doesn’t answer her and he hangs up. GUESS the method! I couldn’t stop laughing after that. Their “special” method is GOOGLE SEARCH! The next scene is of Phubordee and Tawee searching on GOOGLE for health centers around the area. WTH.

Why do I continue to watch EXACT production lakorns? The full episode cap will be posted later on tonight…I will definitely cap it.

This totally reminds me of the plug the phone in the car charger scene in “Gaew Lom Phet”, freaking hilarious and also pointless at the same time. HAHA.

Watch it at YOUTUBE

The “google search” scene starts at the 4:00 time mark. Prepare to laugh.