Win and Tar performing at the MTU pageant

I been dying to see these photos since the pageant ended, it’s Tawin and his older brother Navin performing at the Miss Thailand Universe pageant last weekend. Which brother do you prefer? The younger or the older? I prefer the younger brother. He is roughly around my age and Navin is older, he turned 30 this February. Tawin is turning 24 this July.

Both men are swirling with romance rumors, Tawin was rumored to be hooking up with Pinky Savika on the set of their lakorn “Wang Nam Kang (Dew Palace)”, which both deny.

Navin broke Diana Jongjintanakarn’s heart during an interview by saying he would never date her, she was standing right next to him, her face sank, causing reporters to suspect that she secretly likes him. Navin and Diana have been friends for years and the media wondered if there was something between them. Navin sank that ship. After that day, her friends left pitying comments on her Hi5 asking if she was okay. One of her reply comments to her friends, written in English, caused quite a stir. She wrote:

In Thai, “itcha” means envy and “maya” means illusions. Click this link to see a picture of Diana. The comment proved that she was somewhat affected by Navin’s comment, though she was trying to act nonchalant with the reporters. I do feel bad for Diana, like all celebrities, she has no privacy.

To see more of Navin, he has a supporting role in upcoming Noon and Num Sornram’s lakorn “Mae Ying” on Ch7, premiering this Monday, April 6, 2009. “Mae Ying” is directed by Thongchai Prasongsunti, the same person who directed “Silamanee (Precious Stone)”, so you can be assured it will be a beautiful lakorn with a meticulously detailed wardrobe and amazing landscape shots.

Most definitely, Win takes after his mother while Tar looks like their father.

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