Leaked pictures: Pueng Kanya kissing her boyfriend

I must say, I am somewhat disappointed in these pictures. Of the numerous negative comments left at Manager News website condemning and questioning Pueng’s character as a chaste Thai girl, I was expecting raunchy, risqué tongue down the throat, a major lip lock session between Pueng and her boyfriend, but no, it is just a peck on the cheek and a cuddle. People at Manager News Website really do have a big tendency to overact over something very innocent.

These pictures were taken at Peung’s boyfriend’s birthday bash. It was taken by a friend and was later posted on Facebook without Pueng knowing it. A tabloid newspaper then got hold of it and published it.

When Pueng’s boyfriend saw the pictures, he was baffled by the fuss. He finds them innocent enough. Peung accepts responsibility in her actions and said she will be more discrete and cautious in the future.

Pueng also said she feared being called in by the elders of Exact for a chat about her lifestyle choices and one person who left a comment at Manager news website found that annoying:

“She is afraid the elders of Exact will call her in…doesn’t she fear her parents? What? Exact have become her parents? When she does something, she doesn’t think about what her parents might think and whether they are concern. Love, her appearance, and work she is concern about those things. She is conducting herself in an ugly manner and not being grateful to her parents at all. Kids nowadays, they’re all think like this.”

Others who left comments at Manager stated that all celebrities are like this, all they do is smoke, go to pubs, drink, they are not as they appear on-screen. One person wrote that Pueng is only innocent in lakorns and in real life she is just another questionable person.

In a recent reporting, Pueng was called in by the elders of Exact for a chat, they did give her a warning to be more cautious.

I don’t know. I think everyone is overreacting.

Clearer pictures of Pueng and her boyfriend. He is a HI-SO.

This is kinda mean, someone said her face looked like a giant Mekong catfish. People who leave comments at Manager news website can be really rude.