Noodle shop girl speaks!

[Good golly Tao, noodle shop girl barely looks 16. What the heck were you doing?]

Noodle shop girl from Chiangmai, the one Tao took with him to the noodle dumpling shop where he got into an altercation with an older gentleman is stunned by Tao’s marriage to Yui, assistant director of Dichan and Cosmo Thailand magazine. Apparently, Tao and her were still “talking” while he was seeing Yui. Oh my, scandal!

Her name is Erng, at the time she was seeing Tao, she was a young university student. They were somewhat dating for more than a year. Like all of Thailand, she was shock by Tao’s hasty marriage to Yui.

Her interview with Gossipstar magazine yesterday:

(How long have you been close to Tao?) We have been close for more than a year. (Were you officially girlfriend and boyfriend?) Lets just say we were getting to know each other. (Did you know Tao’s family?) Yes, I knew his father and mother. (There was a rumor that you work as a masseuse or a doctor, which one are you?) I am not a medical student and I’m also not in the business of what they say. I’m just a normal student from Chiangmai. (Did you finish school yet?) I just recently graduated. (Did you start working yet?) Right now, no. I’m currently looking for a new school to continue my education. (Did you know beforehand that Tao was going to register for marriage with Yui?) I didn’t know beforehand; however, I did know that they worked together. (How long have you known that this woman was in Tao’s life?) About 2 months. (During that time, were you seeing Tao?) We were still talking occasionally. (Did he ever tell you he wanted to break up with you?) I’m still perplexed by this issue, everything that has happened, I’m not sure whether this is the truth. (So that means you learned about Tao’s marriage through the media.) Yes, that’s correct, I learned everything from the newspapers.

Note: When the interviewer asked Erng whether she was a masseuse, she means the prostitute kind.

Tao stop having contact with Erng only 1 week prior to his marriage to Yui.

We stop talking one week prior. (Before that, did you two talked normally?) Yes. (Has Tao called to clear or talk with you) A friend called. (For what reason?) Everyone said to wait for his reason first. (Up to this point, you have not talked to Tao, what will you do?) I’ll just let it go as in the order of what happened, I have no plans to do anything. (In the past, has Tao been trust-worthy with you?) You’re asking whether in the past we had problems, we didn’t really have major problems. (Did he cheat on you?) No, he is not a playboy. (You didn’t have secrets in your relationship?) That’s correct. (Very strange, just when he came back to work in the entertainment industry, a news like this comes out.) That’s correct. (If he calls you, will you talk to him?) Ah…lets just wait until he calls me, it’s better if I hear from him what happened. (Do you want to say anything to him?) I think it would be best if I congratulated him on his new life.

Wow! Thoughts? Should we believe Erng? I’m kinda skeptical.