Toon from the Thai Rock Band Bodyslam has been ordained

It’s a moral obligation, a path many Buddhist Thai males must take once in their life, to temporarily enter the monkhood. “Toon” Athiwara Khongmalai, lead singer of one of my favorite Thai rock bands Bodyslam is the latest male celebrity to be ordained. Toon with his herd of fans, friends, and family traveled back to his hometown province of Khon Kaen for his ordination at Wat Ko Thong earlier this morning May 23, 2009 Thailand time.

Toon, who is 30 years old, entered the monkhood to honor his parents, dad Anurat and mom Pranom. He was given the monk nickname of “Warasayo”, meaning a person who has a good heart and is welcoming to everyone. He will be ordained for 2 weeks, June 8th is his final day.

The family chose this temple because this is their temple, the place they routinely practice their religion at. Even if they are stationed in Bangkok, the family would travel back to Khon Kaen to do “boon (religious buddhist merits)” at Wat Ko Thong.

BEFORE pictures

Toon has a good head shape to be a monk.