Nichkhun on Woody’s show

I do love Nichkhun in Thailand. One, I can understand him. Two, he looks more at ease, more confident. There is quite a difference between Nichkhun in Thailand and Nichkhun in Korea–more jokes and a livelier personality. Of course this all due to the language issue. In Thai, his native tongue, he can express himself better.

My perception of Nichkhun on Woody’s show, Nichkhun is a very confident young man, a kid who is aware of himself. He’s an intelligent, well-spoken young man.

Nichkhun is humble and aware he is not the greatest singer around. There was a moment where Woody tried to create drama by pointing out that the perception of some people is that boybands are just about looks and talent is not required. Woody asked Nichkhun whether he agreed. The question starts at the 3:00 time mark.

Woody’s question: “Do you just sell your appearance (meaning your success is base on your looks), some people believe that boybands are just about appearances, they don’t need to have skill, they can sing horribly and it would be fine, how do you feel about that?”

Nichkhun agreed. “I think it’s true, very true. It’s something I don’t like. Like what I have told you earlier, at the beginning, I didn’t know how to do anything. They chose me for my looks to be a model because I couldn’t do anything until they trained me. They trained me to the point where I was able to join a group. It’s still true, what you have asked me. Right now, it’s all about my looks. However, I am trying to show others that I’m training hard to NOT make the Thai people feel embarrassed…to NOT make the Thai people feel disappointed…meaning this Thai guy is only has looks and does not have skill.”

After Nichkhun answered Woody’s question, Nichkhun looked very uneasy, so Woody assured him: ‘Your looks and your talents are equal, I do believe your determination is much better than your looks.” Nichkhun laughed and thanked Woody for the compliment.

A few more questions from the show…

Have you ever gone under the knife?

Nichkhun said no. “I have never done it, I think the best thing is to be natural. I have even discourage girls from doing it. It’s best to be natural.” Woody then asked whether he uses Korean baby cream. What the hell is that? Nichkhun said no because he is a laid-back kinda guy, who likes to put on jeans and a t-shirt and go. He is not high-maintenance.

Woody: “Are you gay?”

Khun laughed at the gay question. “To the people who know me best, my face is the opposite of my personality.” He joked that he is an aggressive guy. Nichkhun said he is not gay and showed Woody his rough hands. He looks cute but his personality is very manly. I think we all know that, he has admitted to watching porn and liking clams.

Near the end of the show, Nichkhun talked about wanting to be a good representative for Thailand and to show Korea that Thailand is an amazing place too because apparently some Koreans are ignorant about Thailand. When he first arrived to Korea, someone asked him whether he rides elephants and rides them to school too because they saw it in “Oum Bak”. What the hell? Just because Tony Jaa does it, it doesn’t mean everyone in Thailand uses elephants as transportation. Some people are just dumb.