Kao says he has a girlfriend

This is too precious, Kao has a girlfriend rumor. Of course, he denies it. Kids nowadays, they’re growing up so fast.

“I don’t have one krap, I have never announce that I had one. Just look, I don’t have one. It’s just news. I have never said that I had one. I don’t know also how this news came about. It’s just like other older celebrities who found fame and have news like this. It’s not serious. I can assure you, I’m not talking to anyone, nor am I seeing anyone. (We heard you were going to study aboard?) No, there is nothing of the sort. I don’t know who (laughs), all of my friends are in Thailand, I’m not going aboard. (Have the girls been pursuing you?) No krap, they probably see me as a celebrity and don’t approach. They probably admire me more so. My mother doesn’t mind if I do have a girlfriend, but still wants me to be in boundaries because I’m still a kid. But still, I don’t have one. The thing is this, I don’t have the time to take care of anyone right now.  When I do find that person, it will be at the moment where I can take care of her. (If you have one, will you tell us?) Lets just have her be lovable that’s all. She doesn’t have to be stunning, just a person I can talk to.”—awww too cute, he answered the wrong question near the end. HA.

Do you fear that people might assume you are gay if you don’t have a girlfriend? “No, not at all. I know myself. Whatever they think, the future can verify it. If you are asking me frankly, I can assure you I’m not. (What’s your current project now?) I just finished filming the lakorn, ‘Pee Seua Lae Dok Mai (The Butterfly and the flower)’. Right now, I don’t have any film projects though. Maybe next year.”

Weird, he’s only a kid and they are already asking him about being gay. That is just wrong. Wait until he is older.