Aum Atichart’s father approves of Nat Myria

[yep, that’s his dad, they have the same ears.]

At this rate, you’re probably tired of the whole Aum Atichart and Nat Myria dating gossip, bear it for now because this is another post about it.

Atichart “Aum” Chumnanont and his father Veerapong participated in an event for Father’s Day together and the media was given an opportunity to question Aum’s father about Nat Myria and other rumors surrounding Aum. Khun Veerapong approves of Nat Myria and doesn’t think his son Aum is gay like many have speculated. This is the first time father and son have participated in an event together.

Khun Veerapong approves of Nat Myria very much, he said this, ‘if you asked me if I liked her, I do. She is woman with a good temperament. She is religious. When I talked to her, I learned that she goes to the temple frequently. She mediates. To compared her to water, she is like cool water. At any rate, it is still my son’s choice.” At this point, Aum Atichart interjected and said, “like I’ve said, she is a very lovable person.”

All these years, Aum has been a good son said his father. “Since he entered the entertainment industry, he still comes by to visit me often. He’s a good son. He brought me a house, I’m very happy for what he has done for me.”

Aum even brought his father a car just last year.

Aum’s father is concern about the gay rumors, but trust that his son is a 100% man (heterosexual) because he raised him, he should know.

“I am very concern about him regarding the negatives news that has come out, like a father who is concern about his child. I have confidence in my son. My son is a true man. I raised him, I should know. If you don’t believe me, it can be proven. Another thing, the negative news that have come out does affect my last name, Chumnanont, it does damage it too. My relatives have come asked me often regarding these news. I want to pass this on regarding this type of news [meaning now you heard it from me, be more considerate].”

I do like Aum’s father, he’s very protective of his son.