Ananda and Jeed have broken up

Film actor Ananda Everingham and his model/actress girlfriend Saengthong ‘Jeed’ Ket-U-Tong of 4 years have broken up. Anyone surprise? You shouldn’t be, if you believe the gossip that he has been with other women, many known actresses. There have been many rumors.

Reporters caught up with Jeed a few days at the Grey Goose The World’s Best Lifestyle event and Jeed confessed Ananda and herself are just friends now.

“Right now, we are friends. We have agreed to be friends. The truth is we have not been separated for too long but have been separated by work. We had a reason for a discussion and after talking we agreed it would be best if we were just friends to maintain the good feelings we have for each other. We ended with complete understanding,” explained Jeed. What a script, they all say that, don’t they?

Is there a chance you will get back together?

“No one knows what will happen the next day, but I don’t feel regretful about our time together.”

Was it because of a third party?

“I prefer not to talk about that, we have cleared it with each other.”

There were rumors of a third party in the news, did that cause a misunderstanding?–I love how they reporters spin the question around to get an answer that will please them best. They are good.

“That has no influence, others must clear their own matters; therefore, I don’t want to discuss it more because if I talk more, it will drag on. I’m sorry (I don’t want to talk about it anymore).”

How are you feeling?

“I’m okay. Do I feel sorrowful? Yes, like normal because we used to love each other. In the end, I realized we have to walk alone to move forward. I consider this a fortunate thing to have known one good person.”

Did you feel so sad, you cried?

“Erm, I rather not say (laughs).”

Did you break up on the phone?

“That, I really prefer not to answer.”—so they did?

So, you’re still friends?

“We are still good friends. Ananda is a good person. I believe that people will know what is what. Like I have said always, we will always have good feelings for each other.”

Do you still love him?

“I still love him like normal because we dated for a very long time. We have good feelings for each other. There is nothing that is bad regarding this. We have agreed to this for the better. It’s better than to fight and argue with each other.”

Do you still talk?

“We are both busy with work, we have to give each other time.”–so that is a no.

Are you surprise to have broken up for so long?

“In dating, there will be break ups, it’s a normal occurrence. If we understand it quickly, it will make life easier. Did I make up my mind? No, I didn’t and I don’t feel disheartened. I just feel fortunate to have known a good person.”

Are you open dating again at this moment?

“I still feel confident in love and what will happen in the future.”

Today, you seem very strong, you didn’t cry?

“It’s normal. I realized that you have to walk alone to pass this moment, I still have my family, the people around me; therefore, I have to make the best of it.”

What kind of encouragements have your friends given you?

“No one has given me any kind of encouragement regarding my discussion or what has happened because whatever I do, the people around me will stick by me.”

I have to say, Jeeb comes off as a strong, confident woman regarding her break up. At least she didn’t cry like other female daras, good for her.

>>>Now lets get the opinions of Thai Netizens from

Some are pretty sad about their break up because they have been cheering them for so long and many are posting up encouraging comments for Jeed.

“I feel sorry for her, she was good regarding everything and she was understanding when Ananda had other women. Someone like that, he could have taken better care of her.”

“This is what’s what. Men get bored easily, but I do understand; however, I still feel pity for the women very much. Fight on!”

“ tears are about to fall, I love Jeed Saengthong.”

“This is sad, I like them both.”

“I like Ananda…however, “Saengthong, I love you.” Has he forgotten that already?”—Let me explain this reference, at the Suphanahong Awards 2009, Ananda picked up his award for Best Actor in a film for his role in “Happy Birthday” and during his acceptance speech he announced he loved Jeed. You can read about it here.

“Fight on, I want them back together.”

“I hope you find true love, I give you my support, truly from my heart Khun Jeed.”

Source: Sanook, Thairath