Om Akapan is moving up in the world

Om Akapan has been given the PRA’EK role! Not a side-kick pra’ek role, not part of the supporting cast, he is the PRA’EK. Hello, woot, woot! Finally!

He started out as a rapist villain in New Wongsakorn and Pinky Savika’s romantic comedy “Jao Ying MOr Lum Sing”, then moved on to being a side-kick pra’ek in “Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law)” with Ann Thongprasom and Chakrit Yamnam, and that other one with Film Rattapom and Pat Napapa. His latest role, as a Thai mobster in “Prajun Lai Payak (Tiger Striped Moon or Tiger Moon)”, raised his popularity to a new level.  Now, he has moved up in the world as a bona fide pra’ek , lets hope it stays that way.

Om Akapan has been casted as the leading man in the DaraVDO produced lakorn, “Sao Chai Hi-Tech ( Hi-tech Maidservant)” with Jui Warattaya for Ch7. The lakorn is based off a book of the same title.

Om’s character is Nol Ratsamee, a heartbroken, woman hating, completely introverted, angry, handsome young man. His former girlfriend screwed him over and left him with a chip on love and relationships. His depressive state and views on love and women, garners the attention of his younger sister who is very concern, so she teams up with her bubbly/cheerful best friend Reuangrin Narokmon (Rin) played by Jui Warattaya to find him a girl and to make him be ‘happy’ again. Reungrin moves into their home as maidservant to get close to Om, to know his habits and likes, so that she can play his matchmaker. But a problem arises, Reuangrin beings to fall for Nol.

I like what he is wearing.

She is totally not looking his way.

Oh the stern pra’ek pose, it cracks me up every time.

More information about the lakorn at Om Akapan’s fansite, not in English, in Thai only.