Dok Ruk Rim Tang: Ep 21 ending

One of the things I regret is not watching “Dok Ruk Rim Tang (Crown flower on the edge of the road)” in full, from the beginning till now. I watched the first episode when it aired and brushed it off as another wacky lakorn with a sense humor I will never understand. Plus, I wasn’t in the mood for another cross-dressing lakorn where nang’ek disguises herself as a boy to find her father’s WILL which happens to be with pra’ek. The talking dog kinda turned me off too.

I didn’t click with this lakorn until I started watching it with my parents, they are freaking nuts about this series, they get exciting about Huntu, the overly intelligent dog and his voice overs. It’s like a soccer match with them, when Hunsu is onscreen, they do a laugh and a cheer.

In yesterday’s episode, Patavee or Khun Vee (played by Bie) finally confess to Ooth or Anoot (played by Vill), he knows she is a girl. He has known since episode 17, he is not mad, he is just waiting for her to confess. He still loves her no matter what. He wasn’t even angry when he fought out at the beach when she nearly drowned, he was relieved, he ain’t gay. Oh yea!

After he saved her from Jane who tried to ripped her clothes off to prove that she is a girl, Vee took Ooth to his studio for a chat. Ooth aka Anoot was kinda confess why he has taken her there so she asked him.

Vee tells her, “I didn’t want the people at my house to hear what you will confess to me.”

Say what, she becomes nervous and asked him, “Confess? About what?”

Vee:”To confess who you really are.”

He goes into his studio room, she follows him.

Ooth:’I’m still your Ooth like before.”

He turns to look at her. “That’s not right, you can stop saying that to me now.”

Ooth:”Why? I have said that to you for a long time now.”

Vee:”That was before, you can stop being Ooth. I know you’re not.”

Ooth starts to panic: “Why not? I’m Ooth. I’m still your Ooth. I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m Ooth.”

Then he shows her a document of the real Ooth. He knows. He has proof too.

She steps back and said his name softy. “Khun Vee.”

Vee:”Since you are not him, can you tell me who you are? To rephrase that accurately,  I should ask: “Who are you (he used the feminine form of ‘you’ which is ‘ter’). The girl who stands before, who is she?”

Ooth softly:”So you know.”

He nods ‘yes’.

Vee:”What I want to know more than this is who are you and are you the same person as I think you are. Can you help me prove it?”

He turns to look at the red curtains. “The answer is behind there, you should go in there.”

She goes to look at what is behind the red curtains. It’s the outfit she wore when she met up with him at the oceanfront to talk about the WILL.

She turns to look at him, he is no longer there.

She goes to look a the mannequin and the outfit up close. She sees a note and reads it. It says: “wear this outfit and come up to the roof. I’m waiting for you.”

Ooth or Anoot is taken back that he knows, she asked herself:”He knows that I’m Anoot, what am I suppose to do now.” —GO see him, he loves you like nobodies business, but she doesn’t know that.

End of the episode.