Top Thai leading actresses with nearly naked men

Raised eyebrows or it’s your kinda thing–nonetheless you can’t deny it was beautifully done and the ladies who participated look smoking hot. The concept for Image magazine’s December 2010 concept is Greek mythology meets Roman warriors.

Old school actresses Penpak Sirikul and “Mew” Lalita Sasiprapa. The beige colored gladiator high-heel seems to be the common item for each photo. I like it. The first thing I noticed was the shoes. It didn’t go with that pink dress, with everything else it worked out fine.

At pantip someone wrote, Aff looked pretty and had the most modest concept out of all the ladies because technically she didn’t have to be close to the naked male model, he is just holding onto her legs. As for Benz, they wrote O_o. HAHA. She has the most risque photo.

Lydia Sarunrat Visutthithada getting a shoulder ride with a sword and Cris Howang has some naked guy standing behind her. I hope he is wearing some sort of undies behind her. Ee!

Compared to everyone else, Marsh was sandwiched between two men.

Source: Pantip