Mario and Gubgib have broken up

Well we can’t say they have broken up, it will be more like they have ended their friendship because you know what, I don’t think Mario has ever referred to Gubgib as more than a peuan sanit (close friend) and today Gubgib, with tears in her eyes, did come out to say that their relationship which never developed to more than a friendship has ended. Dude, don’t tell me it was just a friendship, clearly it was more than that.

By the way, I have to make a correction, Gubgib and Mario has known each other for 7 years and have been ‘seeing’ each other for 4 years.

There has been some speculation before the break up that Mario was getting too cozy with his co-star Air Punthila from his upcoming Ch3 lakorn “Plerng Toranong (Proud Flame)”. Air has loudly denied it, she said, “How did this news come out!?! I have known Oh (Mario) and Gubgib for a long time now. There is nothing going on.” In their lakorn together, they do have ‘guk-gik (flirty)’ scenes together but Mario is like a younger brother to her. “It’s nothing like what they are saying, they are both like my younger siblings. I have always been very clear about this. If there is, I would say there is, but right now I’m single.”

To me the response from Thai netizens have been mixed, some are confuse, some have been supportive, some are glad because they have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“What is this? The other day wasn’t there pictures of them going traveling together?”-this Thai netizen is referring to pictures of Mario and Gubgib at a Thailand airport coming back from a trip to Japan.

The pictures were posted at Gossipstar just a day or two before this news broke out. I think the pictures are a month old, I vaguely remember him talking about going to Japan and buying some nonsense goodies with Gubgib for the New Year or something.

There has been a lot of comments so I can’t get through them all. But this one comment from a Thai netizen got me laughing. There were comments stating that Gubgib is ug and someone came out to defend her by saying, “what? you’re saying ugly people can’t get (or can’t have) good looking boyfriends too.”–It is not word for word but close to it.

They are freaking ridiculous, they are just asking for attention.

Gubgib crying during her interview today.

When they were younger

October 12, 2012 UPDATE: a few weeks after their ‘break up’,  the couple got back together and are dating ever since. They seem to be doing a lot better, gotten closer since their break up.

Source: Rakdara and Gossipstar