Mario Maurer is a loyal boyfriend

My “Mario Maurer’s gf is just trashy” post is getting a lot of attention from Mario’s international fans. I have been getting  a lot of ‘hits’ from someone’s facebook account and google search engine on this topic. Yes, at that event, Mario’s peuan sanit (close friend) ‘Gubgib’ Sumontip Leuangthai was looking mighty trashy.

She has gotten better. She grows on you after watching her in “Duang Jai Akkanee (Akkanee’s Heart)” chasing after Nadech Kugimiya’s character “Fai”. She was the ‘Fai ka, Fai ka” girl. Though playing the nang’rai (girl villain) role, she remained likable, you couldn’t help yourself from laughing at her pixie stick, lay off the sugar personality, her antics in the lakorn got you smiling.

Seeing more of her in lakorns and having a more subdued persona in public, she grows on you. She is becoming her own person besides just being Mario’s girlfriend.

At the beginning and through their 7 year relationship, the media loved to dog Gubgib, she was deemed unsuitable to be Mario Maurer’s girlfriend.


People would talk smack on this poor girl, including myself. She was a gold-digger living off on Mario Maurer’s money, a fame-whore, a plastic surgeon nut, there were other things. Every year, a fortune teller would come out to say that by the end of this year, they would break up. Their break up was always pending. Through it all, Mario Maurer has been loyal, even defensive about Gubgib especially at the beginning of their relationship. He would get angry at the media when they ask him rude questions about Gubgib. He would say, ‘why would she do that, she wouldn’t do that.’ Over the years, he has gotten used to it.

A while back, I remember someone commenting at Manager news website on a news article about Gubgib and Mario’s relationship, the person praised Mario for being a loyal boyfriend. Let me see if I can fully recall what the person wrote, ‘no matter how much we curse at this girl, Mario is still loyal. The one thing you can say about Mario is that he is a loyal one-woman guy.’–not the exact wording but something like that.

Can you believe it, they started dating when they were 15, now they are 22 years old going on 23 this September (Gubgib) and December (Mario).