Mario Maurer receives criticism from Thai netizens

Some Thai netizens were pretty upset with Mario Maurer when he broke up with long time love, actress ‘Gubgib’ Sumontip Leuangthai. There anger didn’t stem from the break up–people break up every second, no big deal.  No, it was how Mario handled their break up with the media that bothered Thai netizens. By saying he never dated ‘Gubgib’ Sumontip Leuangthai and the were just ‘friends’, that statement ticked off many people. He was very ‘mai suphap burut (Not a gentleman)” and wasn’t a man for saying that.

Mario Maurer is aware of the criticism from Thai netizens, he thinks they need to relax and he does take their criticism seriously. “I want everyone to calm down, I do take it seriously when I receive criticism like this. I want you to watch me for a long time, when I counter various issues, I want encouragements too for myself and Gubgib. All of this is between the two of us, I don’t want anyone else to get upset over it. One day it might get better, but I don’t know what the future holds,’ said Mario.

Gubgib and Mario have been talking and seeing each other. Mario made it clear to the media he still sees Gubgib by this statement:”we still talk. I have never said we stopped talking or that we can’t see each other. Gib is my beloved friend to who I have known since I was a kid which makes us able to talk typically.”

Because of the criticism, the media wanted to know if Mario will be more cautious about what he says during interview. Mario said ‘ah’ no because he speaking the truth. “No not at all, I’m speaking the truth. I have said since the beginning. I have never introduced or accepted event gigs as her boyfriend.”

Mario did want to develop their relationship to something ‘more’ but it wasn’t the right time.