Nine Entertainment Awards 2011


Family of the Year-The Rakkaens
Behind the scenes person of the year-Arunocha Panuphan from Broadcast Thai Television for Ch3
Actor of the Year-Chakrit Yamnam for his film “My Bodyguard”, lakorns: Fai Amataand Neua Mek
Actress of the Year-Ploy Chermarn
Lakorn of the Year-Fai Amata
Film of the Year-Chua Fah Din Salai (Eternity)
Solo Artist of the Year- Aof Pongsak for his album “Life is Colorful”
Song of the Year-“Bao-Bao (Tenderly)” by Singular
Musical Group of the Year-Singular for their album “The White Room”
Host of the Year-“Rotmay” Kaneungnij Jaksamittanon,
Popular person of the Year-Bie Sukrit his 3rd win
Honorary Virtue Award-Pitsamai Wilaisak

Yep, Ploy cried again.

Winner circle

The stars singing

Singular performing

We won.

Namcha performing with Chin

Ploy and Bie

Pae Arak’s band “the Slurs” performing

The Rakkaens up on stage.

Chakrit accepting his award

Famous country singer Barnyen Rakkaen and her kids.

Khun ‘Nong’ Arunocha Panuphan, she is one stylish older lady.

Pae, sweetie, only d-bags, blind people, and a person who got punched in the eye wears sunglasses at night. You ain’t cool.

Khun Pitsamai

Bie with his fans, they sure love him.

“Kratae” Supakson Chaimongkol showing off her backside.

Aof kissing his trophy.

A few stars from the film “Love Julinsee”



More of the STARS

Golf, Aof, and Chin

Kids from Ch7

female singers. I know Parn but can’t recall the names of the other two.

Nampueng Nattharika looks like a hot mess.

Por and his long time girlfriend actress “Ae” Pornthip Wongkijjanon, you know they are getting married next year or something like that. I can’t recall. He said he is not delaying their wedding anymore and they are going to get marry soon.

Parnward Hemmanee, in a creepy looking white wedding inspired dress, showing off her fake assets. E.

I won! You did Aof.

Khun Pitsamai accepting her award, she seems like a sweet older lady. She’s 71 years old, you know

Ploy wore a cathedral style, white D&G dress with a price tag of 2 million baht. ?? Are you sure? That’s like $66,325 dollars, I have never heard of a dress costing that much.

Ploy Chermarn Vs. the D&G model, who looked better. I say it’s even. The dress is part of D&G Spring 2011 Ready to Wear collection. She ordered the dress from Paris, received it today, just a few hours before the event. Ploy was scared she wouldn’t be able to fit into the dress. In the end, it turned out alright.

Source: Manager