Though Nadech is not Thai-Japanese, fans have been supportive

Last week, we received a shocker, Nadech Kugimiya is not Thai-Japanese as previous thought but is actually Thai-Austrian. That’s like two different continents–Europe and Asia.

We got to know a little bit more about Nadech’s background, it’s rather complicated, he was raised by his older aunt and his Thai-Japanese uncle, he has never met his father and he didn’t know about his true history until high school when a friend teased him on why Nadech did not look Thai-Japanese.

He has known for a while and you would probably think people might accuse Nadech of deceiving the public, but the reception by the Thai public and Nadech’s fans have been positive, even supportive. I wouldn’t consider it a big deal because he was raised by a Japanese foster father who he adores. At heart because of his love and respect for his foster father, he considers himself Thai-Japanese.

“Though I’m not Thai-Japanese, my fans have not been anti. They have even been supportive of my family. Everyone knew already.  My  manager ‘A’ Supachai Sriwichit has never forbid me to talk about it too.”

Nadech is a hot commodity at the moment, he is rumored to be a brand ambassador for 20 productions. He’s doing a lot of ‘events’, doing a lot of commercials. He did a Mazda commercial and the most recent one is a commercial for 12Plus for their astringent powder product. The commercial is rather corny, “Nadech’s lines in the commercial: “everyone says I’m hot…”

At the end, he says: “I’m not hot, I’m cool instead.”

Nice hair, NOT.

I’m COOL! Sure you are. I’m just playing, you’re pretty cool.