Roy Marn: I don’t want to marry you

Filming has begun on Margie Rasee and Boy Pakorn’s upcoming lakorn “Roy Marn” on Ch3, like many  I’m hyped to see both back on screen dueling it out. As seen in the clip below, it will be quite a match up for the pairing, who did not want to marry but is force to my their elders. It was an occurrence no one wanted to partake in. Margie is playing  a young girl of 18, university age, ready to go out in the world to explore her freedoms. She doesn’t want to get marry. For him, he didn’t want her, he wanted her cousin.  To express their dismay, they rebelled during their engagement ceremony scene by not making eye contact and frequently giving each other disgusted glances. For lakorn audiences, it will be amusing to watch this play out when the lakorn airs.

In the clip, Boy said this lakorn will have everything: drama, bickering scenes, guk-gik scenes, and the most enjoyable love scene. Oh. Really. Yes, that is when both Boy and Margie burst out laughing.