Art Pasut likes his space

You know Art Pasut and ‘Namfon’ Patcharin Judrabounpol are dating, right? I think for a while like 3 years. Well, the rumors about them started 3 years ago.

Art and Namfon made it official by attending the 22nd annual TV Pool Star Party event together, where they were asked to present an award as a pair.

There was a time when Namfon didn’t feel sure about their relationship, now she feels more confident. “I feel more confident now. There was a time when I couldn’t tell people completely because I didn’t feel confident, so I couldn’t say it with confidence.” Wow.

Art is known to be a playboy and he has admitted to be one also. During the interview, Namfon looked at Art and laughed. “It’s the truth. I knew he was playboy before. It could be the past or not.” She moves closer to Art and laughs: “at the present I haven’t seen it. If I do see it, we can discuss it (laughs).”

Art likes Namfon because they mesh well together.

“I have known her for a long time now. She has a lot of habits that fits well with me, for example, she is attached to the ground. Wherever we go, she can do anything. Sometimes she is well-mannered, sometimes she is meddling. It makes me aware that I have a sweet girl. Sometimes when she is being fussy, it makes me feel not alone.”

When Art goes out with buddies, Namfon doesn’t act like a nagging girlfriend. She gives him space.

“Whenever I go out, wherever, however, she doesn’t say anything. She only BBs to ask when I’m going and when I’m coming back. She has never called to ask when I am coming and when I can come. She has never done that.”

Art is an independent guy, he doesn’t like to be kept in a  tight leash. Namfon doesn’t do that to him, pressuring him to do this or that.