Mike is not gay because Num Gunchai said so

How does it go, “pom mai dai lai jai kae mee Num Gunchai bpen idol (I’m not unfaithful, I just have Num Gunchai as my idol)”. Kids nowadays, using such a funny catchphrase. Num Gunchai is notoriously known to be the biggest playboy in all of Thailand, if he eyes you as one of his own, it makes you a playboy too and not gay. I don’t know, that is how the theory goes.

Yesterday, the singing duo Mike and Golf made an appearance on the “Ratree Samosorn” variety show to discuss their solo ventures and their gossip news.  Mike was confronted about his feminine tendencies such as applying make-up to one of his back-up dancers. It’s not manly, people are starting to assume Mike is gay. He’s not, he claims and ventured to asked Num Gunchai, one of the 4 hosts of “Ratree Samosorn”, if he was.

Mike:”Do you see me as a sao (girl or gay).”
Num:”No, every way I look at you, I don’t see it. You’re not.”
Mike smiles and adds, “so you see me as one of your own huh?”–meaning Mike is a big Casanova, a big playboy just like Num Gunchai.
Everyone starts laughing.

Mike asked Num Gunchai around the 9:20 time mark.