Pong Nawat and 19 year old Kaew FFK

She is the ‘K’ in the girl group FFK (Faye, Fang and Kaew), she is young, 19 years old, has a leading role in ‘Bangkok Kung Fu’ and oddly she is being linked to Pong Nawat, a 30-something lakorn actor. What?

Well at least it is not as shocking as learning that Ben Chalatit is gay and has been dating his long-time boyfriend for 8 years and they plan to start a family together with kids. That was totally unexpected and he lived an open gay lifestyle too. His family knew, but the whole world meaning the media and the public did not.

Kaew described her relationship with Pong as a pee nong (sibling, relative)  relationship. They met at various work obligations and exchanged phone numbers. ‘We exchanged phone numbers to chat like two people who are in the same industry,’ said Kaew.

Reporters wanted to know if they have been talking a lot on the phone. Not a lot said Kaew. ‘We talk like siblings, it’s more about getting advice about work.’ Sure.

They have not been ‘talking’ for very long, just two months. There is even a rumor that Pong freely goes in and out of her house. ‘Not to that extent,’ said Kaew. ‘He just drops me off. When he sees my parents, he gives them a courteous greeting.’

When asked if her parents approve of their relationship, Kaew answered her mother has not  known for too long. Though he has met with her family, she has not met his.

The status of their relationship is very ‘iffy’, Kaew did say, she is closest to Pong Nawat.  ‘Right now, we are close like relatives (pee nong). Right now, I’m closest with him.’—so what does that mean? You’re dating

Reporters noted that Pong is usually private about his love life, if she is talking about it, it would mean they are dating.  Kaew said she doesn’t know, they have to ask Pong.

About revealing her relationship too early, Kaew said she only wanted to speak the truth.

‘Actually, the news came out already, so we discussed how we should answer. By chance I met with P’Boy and we got to talk. He told me to speak the truth.’

Though everyone is concerned about their big age difference, Kaew is not concerned. ‘Everyone notices our age difference,  but the truth is, it is not a problem, we understand each other.’

Ben and his boyfriend

Source: Rakdara.net