Nadech and Yaya are confirmed for the Rising Sun series


Some will rejoice, others will complain about their constant pairing. Nadech ‘Barry’ Kugimiya and ‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund have been selected by producer ‘Ja’ Yossinee Nanakorn for her upcoming 3 part Rising Sun series based off  novels by author Nara. Nadech and Yaya are signed up for the 2nd book lakorn rendition titled ‘Roi Fun Tawan Duerd’. Though filming should have started by the end of this month, Khun Ja extended it to around March 2013 so that it would not conflict with Yaya and Nadech’s scheduling.

The series is a love story centering around a young woman name Mayumi and a Yazuka boss Ryu Onizuka–she was betrothed to him since the age of 15. She was a girl chosen for him by his uncle but he never took notice of her. He rejected their marriage proposal, but still kept an eye on her for 7 years as she grew up and attended school and took martial arts training. After 7 years of watching her from afar and seeing her become a beautiful honest young woman, he realizes he loves her and wants to marry her. But she rejects him this time around because she has seen what he has been doing these past 7 years, going around living up the playboy lifestyle while she remained loyal. Their relationship escalates when a prominent police officer comes into Mayumi’s life making Ryu downright mad with jealousy.

You can read more about it at–the gals there have certain parts of the novel translated.

Source: Kapook