Gypsy drops Panjan for being a jealous boyfriend


It’s over between actress ‘Gypsy’ Kirati Mahapreukpong of the lakorn ‘Jao Mae Jam Bpen’ and her admittedly overly jealous boyfriend ‘Panjan’ Kawin Imanotai. The Tono Pakin tweet, where Panjan stole Gypsy’s phone, pretended to be her, and told Tono to stay away was the catalyst for their breakup. He wrote using her twitter account: ‘Don’t send a greeting to me again na, P’Panjan doesn’t like it.’

The tweet sent shock waves across the net and Gypsy was heavily criticized until Panjan confessed he did it. Gypsy cited Panjan’s jealousy issues and his hot-tempered personality as the reason for their break-up.

Gypsy discussed her break up with boyfriend Panjan at the opening of the Digital Hollywood school.

‘The problem that has happened, we talked about it. Most recently, P’Prajan came out to apologize to P’Tono and his fanclub. No one wanted this problem to happen. We are trying to resolve our mistakes. At that time, we didn’t consult  each other, when she came out to apologize, he didn’t consult me about it. Am I angry? I am not angry; however, I am more disappointed that the issue has affected other people when it was not intention. I understand why his fanclub complained, it’s a normal thing. It is someone they love, no? I have to explain to Tono and his fanclub that I apologize. The problem that happened is an issue between myself and P’Panjan, it was not intended to start gossip about anyone else.’

Gyspy understands she works in this industry, she will have to work with many people, including guys. If this issue happens often, it won’t be okay. They broke up 2-3 days ago. He was okay with it. Gypsy can’t say they won’t get back together, there is a chance. Her parents didn’t forbid her to date Panjan, she said they were concerned. ‘They did not forbid, but they were concerned, since it is from the people I love, I have to listen to them, it’s a normal thing. Right now, you can consider me single ka.’

Source: Kapook,