Gypsy’s boyfriend Panjan apologizes for being overly jealous


The hey. He admits he is an overly jealous boyfriend and it used to be worst too. Taking a pause and thinking all my goodness. ‘Panjan’ Kawin Imanotai  looks familiar but from where. Lately he has been that guy who dates Gypsy and models in his undies provocatively on magazine covers. I did a mini research on him and discovered he used to be in the boyband ‘Nice 2 meet you’ from RS records. Ding*. Light-bulb. Oh, it’s that guy.

Since yesterday, all eyes are on Panjan as he is force to explain himself and admit blame in the Gypsy twitter drama with Tono. Using his girlfriend’s phone, he went into her twitter account and tweeted to ‘Tono’ Pakin Kumvilaisak: ‘Don’t send a greeting to me again na, P’Panjan doesn’t like it.’

Tono’s fanclub had a field day with this and Gypsy was heavily criticized for the tweet. Soon after, Panjan revealed on his twitter account it was him who tweeted the message not his girlfriend ‘Gypsy’ Kirati Mahapreukpongand admitted he is an extremely jealous guy.


Panjan held a press conference yesterday at the Starmax channel (Yaak TV) studio to explain himself.

First off, Panjan apologized to Tono. ‘I have to apologize to Tono na krap. It is an issue between two people and I involved a third person and it has caused problems. I apologize to Tono’s fanclub too for implicating and creating trouble for his reputation and causing uneasiness.’

‘When I tweeted that, I didn’t think anything of it. When that happened whether it be Tono or some other guy, they would encounter the same thing because I am a jealousy guy. It has gotten better but that day with my mental state and my tolerance level was low, I thought little of the results that would follow (damn skippy you did, you weren’t thinking). If I was a normal person (a non-celebrity), it probably wouldn’t be like this. I feel bad and I have to repeat my apologies to Tono, Gypsy and her family that I have disappointed them again. If I thought of the people I love that day, it would not have turned out badly like this. I have to greatly develop myself more and I work in this profession too. Myself or the person I am dating has become a focus. I am a hot-tempered person and have been trying to fix that all my life, occasionally it slips out. This time it was a mistake and it is something I must learn from.’

Panjan knows he is a terrible boyfriend for doing this and causing problems for his girlfriend and also Tono. He understands this will affect his relationship with Gypsy, currently they are still together. ‘What I did caused her life to be tired and have caused her to be criticized when she did not do anything. I realized I am a terrible boyfriend. The future direction of our relationship, we haven’t talked about that. We are still together.’

According to Panjan this is not for publicity because this is negative attention hurting his girlfriend and it doesn’t ‘work’ he said.

Tono did a phone-in interview with the radio show ‘Chae Tae Chao’ yesterday morning January 24, 2013 explaining his side. Tono was baffled by this as anyone, he said he didn’t do anything but tweeted to promote Gypsy’s lakorn ‘Jao Mae Jam Bpen’ which ended this Tuesday. They are from the same channel, the same production company Exact. He promoted her lakorn for Exact productions. At the end, the radio host asked him if he would promote someone else’s lakorn, he answered:’if it was for Gypsy I won’t do it again. If it was for someone else, I will.’

He has never talked to Gypsy in a way that would make Panjan jealous. He only retweeted to promote her lakorn. He only did it once. He didn’t do anything wrong, he had no ulterior motives by his tweet. He did to it promote his company, his home. Tono said he learned something new from this incident.

I felt Tono seemed annoyed but responded respectfully about Panjan and Gypsy, he didn’t bash them, he wished them well on their relationship.

Source: Rakdara (Panjan), Rakdara (Tono)