Khu Kam EP 2: is just beautiful


Episode 1 was just that, it didn’t draw me into the story until Episode 2, the beautiful scene where his boat floated to her house. Plus, they toned down the funny music, whoever did the audio editing for episode 1, needs to be shot–I was getting so annoyed, I didn’t want to watch it anymore.

Episode 2 captured the moment where their ill-fated love began through music. Since her house is close to his dock, she hears him play the shamisen and she is drawn to it. The scene was beautiful with the lightening bugs illuminating the tree and then she turns her head to the direction of the music. Likewise with him when his boat floated to her house, one lightening bug repeatedly landed on his nose, causing an itch that woke up him to the beautiful of his surroundings and to hear the beautiful sound of Angsumalin playing the string instrument the khim. It’s magical, like an enchantment.


The human story of this series is more enticing than the political one, especially the tension between Angsumalin and her father’s new family. There is a lot of hurt there.  Her younger sisters loath her out of jealousy, there is so much tension between the siblings created by her father’s new wife. Angsumalin knows it.  I think it was a beautiful scene displaying Angsumalin’s pride as a devoted daughter to her mother.  Her father left her mother and married another woman. He seems like a nice man who still cares for his oldest daughter, but he did abandoned her. Her father asked if he could help her with anything–financially with school, anything. If she is struggling, she can come live with him. She rejects all of his offers and even lies she has everything. Even with school, she lies that she is a girl and girls don’t need a lot of education. The truth of the matter is her mother doesn’t have the money.


Angsumalin wonders about her friend/love interest Nut out at sea and his marriage proposal while Koobori asleep on his floating boat finds his way to the dock of her house. A lightening bug keeps landing on his nose, causing an itch that woke him up to see the beauty surrounding him of the lightening bugs pebbling the dark sky with lights and illuminating the trees.  The music composition and the scene was just prefect.


Then he hears the music coming from her house, he is drawn by the familiarity. He walks towards the direction of the music and finds Angsumalin playing the khim. WOW, beautiful.


He watches her silently at the entrance. After she finished, he decides to quietly leave but makes a noise as he nearly trips. She is terrified and asked who was there. He explains his plight that his boat broke down and it floated to her house. He came up to see her because of the music. It sounds a lot like his shamisen.


As he approaches her to see the khim, she runs off to get a cane and orders him to back off. Better stay back.

She points the cane at him, in Japanese she ordered him to leave her house. ‘Get out of my house right now, don’t you understand?’

He tells her to calm down.

Angsumalin in Japanese:’This is my house, this house does not welcome you…get out…leave!’

He just wanted his hat but she keep going on with her rant.

‘Move back, you think because you are Japanese you have the right to do anything in this house, in this country? To go anywhere in someone else’s land or go into anyone’s house whenever, am I right? You have thought wrong. This house belongs to a Thai person who does not welcome Japanese person. This is the night time, if I had a gun, I have the right to shot you dead right now.’

He apologized with his lost puppy dog eyes and bowed to her.

And she goes on and on:’Or do you see this house with just women and do not have regards to be afraid, I want you to know the Thai women in this house will always fight back to the end.’

He approaches her to pick up his hat and she mistook it as an invasion and whacks him with the cane.


It does hit him, he did bleed. It was a big shock for Angsumalin who has never used violence before.

Kobori:’If I did anything wrong, I apologize. I just wanted to pick up my hat. I have never thought that I can do anything I wanted in Thailand or thought of doing anything bad to you. I respect Thai people, I respect everyone. I apologize for thinking little, I will be more vigilant next time,  so that this mistake won’t happen again.’

She notices the blood.


The look in her eyes shows us his word touched her, he puts on his hat to retreat as her mother is calling for her. She follows him out to see her mother and grandmother.