Raeng Pratana Ep 11: The most important thing is the present


It was good until Ravee showed up. Fall down a well like a good witch.

I like the fact that misunderstandings don’t last too long, they sense something is wrong, they are encouraged by their love ones to talk about it, and it’s done. No dragging it out and causing more misunderstanding. Like hey, this is what happened, lets have a conversation about it.


Kratae’s family is very loving my mother noted. They are.

Kratae and Pitt are urged by her father and older siblings to sing a song, they sing Glai Khae Nai Keu Glai (How far is close)’ by Getsunova. Beautiful song, gentle and slow. Good stuff. Kratae’s father watches them with joy, he senses that they are truly in love.


Something is going on with Yai and Pittaya’s secretary, he seems interested in her and even excused himself when she called him asking for Pitt. His sister Kratai notices it too. ‘What is up with him, he has never excuse himself before (to talk on the phone)’. She knows something is up and laughs to herself. Pittaya’s secretary called Yai to check up on Pitt, Yai tells her off that his brother-in-law is on his honeymoon with his wife Kratae, no need to be concern.  He wonders to himself why the secretary is concern about Pitt. He knows something is up.

Among these two, their hate relationship will develop into something more.


Kratai and Kratae are doing the dishes after dinner and discuss their father’s health. Since Kratae’s marriage to Pitt, their father’s health has improved greatly, Kratai suggested Kratae and Pitt quickly have a baby, it will definitely make their father happy and he will live longer.

Kratae tells her sister regretfully it is not possible.  Pitt doesn’t love her.

‘P’Tai, that will never happen because the person Pitt loves is Ravee, not me.’

Tai reasons with Kratae, ‘But you and Pitt are married now.’

Kratae:’That is not important. I can see when they look each other, there is still something between them. If Khun Ravee did not have to marry Khun Puwadon, those two could get back together.’

Their father who was listening to their conversation thinks otherwise.

Kratae’s father:’I think you should not bring up the past to hurt yourself na.’—good advice. Kids listen to your elders, they know from experience.

Kratai nods that their father is right.

‘Hey, my daughter should be strong and must be able to move forward. There is nothing wrong with my daughter that Pitt can’t love her.’

Kratae:’Dad, Pitt will never love the person who hurt him  What he is doing at the moment is keeping his promise to your dad. Dad, you raised him, you should know how Pitt is with keeping promises.’

Kratae’s father advised Kratae to trust Pitt: ‘Tae, being a couple, you should trust and believe your life partner. Don’t think on your own, don’t assume one-sidedly. If there is anything, talk to each other directly.’


The dad is trying to help them out, he talks to Pitt too.

‘The reason you married Kratae is not to fix an occasional problem?’

Pitt:’I have never of this issue as something to play with. I will not let Khun Tae lose her reputation or be hurt. Uncle you don’t need to worry.’

Kratae’s dad:’Thank you…have you ever asked yourself how you feel about Tae?’

Pitt pauses for a moment, not sure how to answer the question.

Pitt:’Khun Tae is like a friend, she is like my sister.’–wrong answer. I know the stuff you want to do with Kratae is not very brotherly, let’s be real Pitt.

‘That’s really what you think?’

Pitt doesn’t answer him. The dad knows that Pitt has  feelings for Kratae, Pitt doesn’t realize that he does yet.

‘You don’t have to give me an answer, providing an answer to yourself is enough. Most importantly, don’t hide your feelings until it is too late. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about to accept what you feel and to show your true feelings for that person to know.’


Both Kratae and Pitt pondered the advice they received from Kratae’s father, both can’t sleep because they keep having flashbacks of the past of their fights together. They said some awful and done awful things to each other. They also remember the good times.


Kratae wandered outside to the pool patio area and finds Pitt there too.

Kratae:’If I could return to the past, I would not do those stupid things damaging your relationship with Ravee.’

‘So you know you acted badly.’

Kratae:’Back then, I was probably too spoiled, foolish, and selfish.’

‘Though you were foolish and spoiled, I think on occasion you can be lovable  too.’

Kratae:’What about you? If you could return to the past?’

‘If I could return to the past, I would have liked to do the things I could not do back then.’


‘Following my heart.’—What do you mean by that Pitt? You had hidden feelings for Kratae? I think so.


Well they can redo the present, Pitt vows to focus on the present.

Pitt takes her hand:’Since I can’t turn back time, the most important thing right now is the present and I will make it the best that I can do.’

Holding hands they watch the stars together.


Ravee goes in search of Pitt at his office, Pitt’s secretary tells her off saying why should she know, she is not Pitt’s wife. Yai also tells Ravee off.

‘Pitt said he turned off his cellphone because he doesn’t want a certain someone to bother him.’

Ravee sternly tells Yai off loudly: ‘I am Sorry ka for bothering.’

Yai notices that the secretary looks worried. ‘You like Pitt?’

The secretary:’Hey, what are you talking about?’

Yai:’Don’t deny it, I can tell from looking at your face.’

She doesn’t answer him and turns her head away.

Yai:’Accept it, you and Pitt can never be together.’

‘I know that already, I am trying right now. Having a broken heart doesn’t heal easily like having a cold you know.’

Pitt and Kratae’s inner circle are good people. Pitt’s secretary has a secret crush on him but she is not mental like Ravee. She understands her boundaries. Ravee’s people are nuts, her best friend is conniving and also has a crush on Pitt. They don’t have boundaries, they will do everything possible to get what they want.


Waking up from a nap and getting a surprised happy hug to her husband Pitt.


Since work is done, they are gonna spend the day together.


Having a fun time shopping and eating ice-cream.


This family and their group hugs.


Blah, Blah. Why. Pitt gets his phone fixed and discovered several miss calls from Ravee. Oh, stop calling him. He goes to see Ravee with Kratae. Kinda funny when she sees him she is all happy, then Kratae walks in and it’s disappointment.

Ravee whines and weeps about her approaching nuptials to Puwadon and you start to think to yourself yeah yeah, stop your whining and move on with your life.

It kinda sucks for Kratae to see Pitt consoling Ravee. She can’t help but feel he still loves Ravee, she has doubt.


Her feelings gets another pounding when Pitt decides he should start sleeping on the sofa downstairs again like before.

‘You probably felt uncomfortable sleeping on the same bed with me.’

Pitt:’That is not true. I don’t think it is proper since we are only married in name.’–Ouch.

Look on the ouch expression on Kratae’s face. It was like she got slapped in the face.

Kratae:’That is right we are only married in name.’

She walks upstairs and he looks up at her wanting to correct things. When he does wrong, Pitt knows it but does not know to fix it. He knew it wasn’t right for Ravee to wear Kratae’s nightgown when she slept over, but he doesn’t have the balls to say anything. He is a gentleman.


Kratae is probably thinking Pitt still has feelings for Ravee. She feels unsure.


Kids don’t do this. Ravee  calls Kratae up at a club saying she is drunk and can’t drive home. She needs a designated driver. Ravee also calls Pitt to come pick her up. It’s a set up folks for Kratae to see Ravee making advances at Pitt.

Pitt finds Ravee first.

‘Pitt, can you break up with Kratae and can you come marry me?–No he can not.

She hugs him in front of Kratae. ‘It is impossible right Pitt, though I know there is no hope, but I pray begging every day we would get back together again.’

Pitt was like in a zombie state hugging her. He is probably thinking, I don’t love you anymore. This is making me uncomfortable.

Ravee:’I love you, I still love you. I have not forgotten, you are the only man in my heart.’

She kisses Pitt in the mouth front of Kratae. That is a big deal.

Her friend arrives and both Pitt and the friend took Ravee home.


Pitt returns to his office to continue work and doesn’t come home. Kratae goes home and cries alone in the bathroom after seeing Pitt get kissed by Ravee.


The next morning, Pitt came home and is given the cold-shoulders by Kratae who rushes out to see her friend Prao. She relays the story to her best friend Prao and her friend urged her to clear it with Pitt right away. Her friend is awesome.

Kratae goes to his office for a chat. She wants to back out of him but she sees her first. She can’t do it and lies that she is here to see her brother Yai.

He stops her and takes her to an empty conference room, he tells her everything about last night, how Ravee  got drunk and needed a designated driver and the kiss. It was a drunk kiss.

Kratae doesn’t say anything. Pitt believes Kratae doesn’t trust him, he takes her into his work conference where his employees are working on their big project and asked him to vouch for him–that after leaving, he came back to work with them all night.

His secretary in red said, Kratae should believe what Pitt said because Pitt is not a man to lie. Problem solved.


After that, Ravee finally tells him that she saw him and Ravee last night. She didn’t say anything because she wanted to know if he would lie  to her. But he didn’t, she thanked him for not lying.

Pitt:’We are spouses, we don’t lie to each other.’

They piggy-swear to always tell the truth to each other. Pitt asked Kratae how she was there at the club, Kratae told him Ravee called her for a ride. Pitt found that strange.


Later that day, he pays Ravee a visit and tells her that he cleared it with Kratae, causing her to be pissed off. He doesn’t even know that he is doing this, like pouring salt on an open wound, he tells her the next time he comes for a meal, he will bring Kratae too. Haha. Look at her face. Not so happy there, huh?


The lunch date with Pitt’s grandmother didn’t go so well, instead of reconciling, the two brothers got into a heated argument. Don called Pitt an orphanand not his brother, he doesn’t want anything to do with Pitt.

Kratae tells him to shut the hey up.

‘That is going too far! Pitt is not an orphan. Pitt has a father and a mother, it is just that his father is self-centered who doesn’t want to accept him as his son that is all.’

Don:’My dad is not self-centered and my dad has never had relations with his mother.’

Kratae:’Can you accept it now that Pitt’s father is your father too.’


Pitt sees Don going for a utensil and he warns him to back off. ‘Don’t you dare think of doing something to Kratae again.’

Pitt apologizes to his grandmother and leaves with Kratae. She tells him she wanted to scratched Don’s eyes out and Pitt thanked her for defending him.


Don doesn’t stop does he, he tries to run them over as he is leaving.

Why would you go shopping with your husband’s ex-girlfriend? Ravee plots a plan to have Kratae come party with her and then she would drug Kratae.

In front of Kratae, Ravee’s friend invited her out. Later on, Ravee lies that her group of friends like to party and drink a lot, she can’t handle being with them. She begs Kratae to come out with her to act like a buffer zone from the drinking.


Ravee drugs Kratae with a wine glass, she paid guys to come harass Kratae out to the dance floor. Then she called Pitt to tell him that Kratae is drunk and dancing with a group of guys. Pitt goes to pick her up and he is annoyed because he doesn’t like it when she gets drunk and act all wild like before.


The next morning, they have a huge fight about it. She doesn’t know how she got home and he throws at her that she was probably too drunk to remember anything. This is a revelation to her, she only had one glass of wine.

‘I warned you several times to not drink, but you never listen to me.’

Kratae:’But I only drank one glass of wine, how could I be drunk?’

Pitt:’If you weren’t drunk and you were out dancing with those guys on the dance floor then that was your intention.’

‘What are you talking about? Who was I dancing with?’

Pitt:’I saw it with my own eyes and you have the nerve to lie to me? Didn’t we promise not to lie to each other?’

‘I didn’t lie. If I did go out dancing, why can’t I remember it?’

Pitt:’Is accepting the truth really that embarrassing or are you embarrassed that you did something more than that.’

Kratae:’ I think you are insulting me way too much. I didn’t do anything. I am not you who stood around kissing Ravee at a pub.’

Oh this is not going well.

‘I told you what happened between me and Ravee was an accident. Don’t mix these two issues together.’

Kratae:’It’s the same thing. It is an issue with trust and belief. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.’

And she darted out of  their home.