Raeng Pratana Ep 12: Pitt shows off his jealous side

The lesson from this episode is that trust and credibility is determined by one’s past behaviors. Though Don is innocent from the various implications by Ravee, no one believes him because of his past behaviors. The best remedy to this problem is time with good behavior or just never being bad. I don’t think I can do the latter.

Though I do think both Kratae and Pitt are blinded by Ravee, they are blinded because of their doubt for their relationship. Kratae sees Ravee as a person who will exist in Pitt’s life because she believes Pitt still loves Ravee and their marriage is fake. She also wants validation from Pitt, being accepting of Ravee is part of her patrol. You can call it community service. She is on punishment for the things she has done in the past.

Pitt is showing his love for Kratae, displaying that he can be jealousy over her. But then again, Pitt is a nice guy, Kratae is probably confuse like I am. When he was with Ravee, he was nice to her too. Instead of showing he cares, he should just say it directly–I love you, Kratae. I loved you since we were kids.Be straight-forward. His feelings for has been there, they were just suppressed. Kratae needs assurance with words because Pitt is nice to everyone. I would be confuse. We always say actions speak volumes. In this case, maybe words speak more volumes than actions.

Ravee has always been a good person, now that she has changed, people are blindsided by it. Credibility is determined by one’s past behaviors, what has Ravee done in her past that would make her untrustworthy–nothing really. She is a victim of her meddling parents, of an assault, she is lashing out on the world, claiming what she thinks is hers. ? I don’t know. I get her reasoning, I still don’t like her. Fall down a well please.

One more week guys, 3 more episodes. It’s ending next week on February 3rd, 2013.



Pitt and Kratae continued their argument outside. Kratae tells Pitt she feels like she is in prison and can’t go anymore. She is tired of his obligations for her.  ‘If anything happens to me, I will write a note and stick it on my forehead that I did it on my own, so you don’t have to take responsibility for it.’

She tries to leave, he holds her arm back while picking up a phone call from Kratae’s father. They have been invited to go golfing by Kratae’s family.

Kratae doesn’t want to go but Pitt convinces her otherwise for the sake of her father’s health.

At the golf course, Pitt encouraged Kratae to pretend like nothing is wrong and be affectionate with him as before so that her family does not suspect they are  fighting. Kratae is obviously annoyed but seeing her family brings out the best in her. Though she wants to be angry, she still laughs at her family’s teasing. Personally, I think Pitt was using this as an excuse. He just wanted to touch Kratae and be close to her.

Kratae’s family urged Pitt and Kratae to start making babies. The dad even flexes his biceps to show he has been working out  to carry around his first grandchild.


Kratae excuses herself for the bathroom and runs into an old guy friend who hits on her. He wants to show her a few swings, Pitt approaches and marked his claim on Kratae by telling the guy, Kratae is his wife, he can do the teaching.

‘My wife, I can do the teaching.’

Good times. It’s the first time Pitt has showed any form of jealousy over Kratae. The guy is surprised and Pitt tells him again that they are married. Kratae agrees that they are married but they can also get a divorce. She is still pissed off  from their argument earlier in the morning.

The guy notes he didn’t know, Kratae doesn’t have a ring. This dons on Pitt that yeah Kratae doesn’t have a wedding ring.


Kratae vents out her anger by hitting the golf ball at Pitt when he is preparing to swing. Her brother Yai notices it and wonders if Kratae is golfing or purposely hitting Pitt. Dad believes they are just playing, this is what couples do.

 Later on, they are invited to participate in a charity fashion show for the homeless  by the gay party organizer guy.


After that, Pitt takes her somewhere without telling her. He just smiles as he is driving. Dork. All morning she has been annoyed with him. This just tops it. As they are walking into the shopping center, she yells at him. ‘Why did you bring me here? You are doing this to cause trouble aren’t you?’

He just smiles and drags her to their destination. A jewelry store.

Kratae:’Why did you bring me here!?’

Pitt:’For the person I am buying a ring for, who else would I bring?’

That shut her up. Oh.

Kratae surprised:’You are gonna buy me a ring?’

Yes, he explains a ring will show others she has an owner already and these other men will not bother her anymore. Or maybe it  is more for his benefit than hers.

Pitt picks out a heart shape ring. Kratae pretends like she doesn’t care and the ring is just okay.


He slips on the ring for her. She is moved by this gesture. Oh. Yea, you are. Pitt gives her a warning. ‘Don’t you dare take it off.’ Don’t worry buddy, she won’t.


At the fashion show, Kratae defends Ravee against Don. Pitt thanked her for protecting Ravee.

When she tries to take off her ring, Pitt stops her. ‘What are you doing?’

Kratae:’Taking it off to keep, they might want me to wear another accessory.’

Pitt:’No, you can’t. I will tell the designer to change you into whatever, but to not removed my ring.’

Sadly their whole conversation was eavesdropped by Ravee who now believes Kratae was only defending her to look good in Pitt’s eyes.


Who does this, lets self-harm oneself to hurt another person. Ravee uses a pin to hurt herself to get sympathy and help from Kratae. It’s a set up for something bigger, they need medicine and Ravee tells Kratae the storage room has some.


Unbeknownst to Kratae this is a grand scheme by Ravee to get Don and Kratae locked up in the storage closest together. Don is baffled by this as Kratae, his phone doesn’t work, and they start sweating from the heat.


As the show begins, a man with a camera opens the door and takes a picture of them together. They are like what just happened, why is he taking a picture of us?  He runs off. Kratae and Don returned to the fashion show to see heir significant others up on stage already.


Yuck, Ravee pretends to trip and fall to have Pitt catch her up on stage. By conservative Thai standards, it was shocking because they almost touched lips.


No one is comfortable with this situation except Ravee. Kratae is tearing up that her man is up on stage with his ex-girlfriend. Pitt feels uncomfortable because he probably doesn’t want Kratae to misunderstand him. Or maybe just being close to her makes him cringe. Who knows.


I love Don, he knows Ravee is the culprit for locking them up in the storage closest.

He tells everyone some crazy person locked them up in the storage closest  and he points his anger at Ravee. He is just agitated by her lies.  He ain’t dumb. When Pitt and Kratae leave, Don confronts Ravee about the lock storage closest incident. She tells him, he will know tomorrow.


The incident makes Kratae doubt her relationship with Pitt once again. She looks at her ring. Dude,don’t doubt. He loves you.


The incident at the fashion is all over the headlines, the married Kratae is accused of having an affair with the engaged Don in the storage closest. Yai phones Pitt to keep this a secret from Kratae. Too funny, how are they are gonna do that when it’s all over the news?

Kratae overheard Pitt’s conversation with her brother and demanded Pitt tell her what she shouldn’t know. She is devastated by the news.

‘What is this? Why is this happening to me again.’ She looks up at him and tells him, she didn’t do it. ‘I didn’t do it, I didn’t know.’

He believes her.

‘I believe you, you didn’t do it, and you would never do anything like that. Everything that has happened, it is probably Puwadon’s handy work.’—oh wrong person. It’s Ravee FOOL!

Kratae doesn’t get it, what has she done to him? It’s not like he is just hurting her. He is hurting her father too.


Kratae tells Pitt she can’t handle this anymore and starts to cry. He consoles her with a hug and he apologizes to her. ‘It is because of me that you have to face something like this. The person who Puwadon wanted to mess with was me.’

He vows to protect her against Puwadon. Again, it’s the wrong person. He marches to go confront Don, she stops him. ‘Don’t do anything crazy. I’m okay. Please don’t go. If anything happens to you because of me, I will not forgive myself. Please promise me, that you will not trade yourself over a bastard like Puwadon. Nothing should happen to a good person like you.’

He is moved by her words and promised  he won’t. They hug each other, like they mean it.


No one believes him when he tries to oust Ravee, his dad even tells him to shut up when he accused Ravee of lying. So wrong.


Kratae wants to lock herself in the house all day because of the scandal, Pitt suggested going out. ‘We didn’t do anything wrong, why do we need to care  about what other people think?’ They decide to go shopping and  people gawk at them as they walk by, others are loud about their impression of Kratae–she is the high society girl with the scandal in the news. They can’t believe Kratae is walking around with her husband, they accuse Kratae of having no shame. Pitt urged her to stay calm and ignore them.


Maybe the two-face friend is not so bad. She knows Ravee created the scandal between Kratae and Don. She rationalized it was  strange that a photographer/reporter was there at that moment, at that spot. When Ravee leaves her phone out in the open and the photographer guy calls, she has proof  that Ravee was behind the whole thing.


When they are alone, Kratae tells Pitt he can stop pretending to be a loving husband because no one is around. He tells her, he is not pretending, he wants do it.

Then the mood is ruined when Ravee calls. Gosh woman. Go away.


I am sure she wanted to smashed Kratae’s face in when she learned the scandal didn’t cause problems in their relationship. It probably made their relationship stronger. Pitt tells Ravee  he knows who is behind all of this, it’s Puwadon and he trusts Kratae.


The two-face friend  is pretty handy, she passes the photographers’s phone number to Don. She tells him this is all she can do, it’s now up to him to finish this off.


At the house, Kratae asked Pitt a serious question about Ravee which he didn’t get a chance to answer because of a phone call from Don.

Kratae:’If Ravee didn’t have to marry Puwadon, would you…lets forget about it.’

Pitt:’Whatever you have to say, say it. With you acting this way, it makes me more curious.’

Kratae:’I don’t want to talk about it anymore.’

Pitt turns her around and encouraged her to ask the question.

Kratae:’I want to know if Ravee didn’t have to marry Puwadon, would you break up with me?’

Answer her. Of course he couldn’t answer her, he has to be interrupted by a phone call. It’s Puwadon, he wants to meet up. If Pitt doesn’t show up, he will regret it, he tells Pitt.


Ravee is caught red-handed by Don as she makes a transaction with the photography guy. Don records the whole thing.  She bites him and steals his phones and jets for it.


He goes chasing after her and she almost get hit by Pitt and Kratae’s car. For once Don is telling the truth and no one believes him. He tells Kratae and Pitt that Ravee is the culprit behind the scandal. If they don’t believe him, look at the phone in her pause.

Going back to past behaviors, no one believes him because of his past behaviors of hiring guys to be beat up Pitt and the drugging spray incident with Kratae.


Blah blah, telling Pitt lies. She accused Don of being violent with her and lied that she tried to reason with him about the scandal. She wanted him to fixed what was on the news. Lies. I fast-forwarded to most of it. She can be annoying.


Later that night, both Kratae and Pitt couldn’t fall asleep.

Pitt tells Kratae that he is concerned about Ravee.

Kratae:’You don’t have to worry, it won’t be too long until you feel relaxed because Khun Ravee will not have to marry Khun Puwadon. When that time comes, I will return your freedom.’

Pitt reassures her. ‘About me and Ravee, it can never be anymore.’

Kratae:’If it is because of me and your promise to my dad, I will talk to my dad to make him understand. I want you to be happy with the person you love. I don’t want to hold you back for the rest of your life.’

Pitt:’It is not because of a promise or a responsibility, it’s because I want to take care of you.’

He smiles. She is stunned by his response. Yes that was  clear but I think he needs to say ‘I love you’ to seal the deal. Taking care of someone can be like a father figure to a child.

He is getting there. Showing more of his true intentions for Kratae.


Don held a press conference to reconfirm his relationship with Ravee. He promises to be the best husband, the best future father to their child, the best everything to Ravee. It seems as though Ravee wanted to vomit in his face out of disgust throughout the whole thing. She can’t win in whatever she does. He is smart, he can outplay her from years of experience.


Having a good chat with the grandmother, did anyone notice how he is touching her legs like they have been intimate with each other. Only couples do that–touching the legs.


Ravee excuses herself to use the bathroom and Don follows her. He gives her they were meant for each other line.

Ravee:’You are the worst bastard ever.’

Don:’Correct. I am a evil but I am evil for all to see not like you who is conniving without shame. Do you think your plans will make you get back together with Pitt? It won’t work. A person like you is most suitable with a person like me.’–in a way, it’s true.


The grandmother seeing them act sweet together urged them to make babies right away, she wants grandchildren.

That’s the theme for Pitt and Kratae shippers, they want the pair to make babies. Her dad does, her siblings, and his grandmother does.