Thairath’s lakorn of the year 2013


I am not surprised by the choice, it was highly popular–the talk of the town. Everyday people were talking about it. It became the the ‘Dok Som See Thong’ of 2012, coincidentally it was produced by the same production company. The nang’ek wasn’t innocent, no one in the lakorn was  innocent, everyone had a selfish agenda except the pra’ek and his mom.

Nang’ek was out for revenge for her dead pregnant sister and there was a lot of demented in this series, especially the girl name  ‘Nok’ described by the nang’ek as ‘Nok Song Hua ( the two-headed bird)’ –the demented woman who loved to seduce men and play with their emotions just for fun. She would tape her sexapades and blackmail the men in the tape with it. She played up her innocent act, she didn’t need the money, she didn’t need anything, she was from a wealthy family that owned a casino. She did all of this because she was bored.

Then the gangster bar owner who sold drugs to teenagers and as a boy was sold off by his mother as a prostitute. Near the end, it was kinda sick to learn more about these dark characters.

It’s ‘Raeng Ngao (Strong Shadow)’.


The contenders for the prize of lakorn of the year 2012:
1. Khun Seuk with Aum Atichart and Ploy Chermarn, Ch3
2. Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong with Nadech Kugimiya and ‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund, Ch3
3. Ching Nang with Om Akapan and ‘Rotmay’ Kaneungnij Jaksamittanon, Ch7

For 2012, Ch3 had 36 lakorns total–12 evening and 26 prime time lakorns.
Ch7 had 29 lakorns total–8 evening lakorns and 21 prime time lakorns.
Ch5 had 8 lakorns total which included Dok Soke, Marnya Rissaya with Pinky Savika and Bee Namthip, Buang Ruk, Saifah gub Somwang, Nang Sing Sabat Chor with Mos and Pang, and most recently Jao Mae Jam Bpen.