The official MV for the ‘Khu Kam’ ost

Not a big fan of ‘Khu Kam (Ill-fated lovers, Ill-fated couple)’, it’s depressing. I am going to watch it because it is a classic.  The story of ‘Khu Kam’ is set during WWII centering around a political marriage between a young Thai woman and a Japanese officer. The path to their marriage was filled with turmoil and their marriage was traumatic but the story ended beautifully and tragically with the couple falling in love and producing a son. The pra’ek, the husband, the Japanese officer dies. My statement is not really a spoiler, this is a classic Thai love story that has been remade several times over the years. I don’t think I can count how many remakes there have been– ranging from musicals to movies to lakorns.

The latest adaptation of ‘Khu Kam’ stars Bie Sukrit as the Japanese officer Kobori and ‘Noona’ Neungthida Sophon as the Thai maiden Angsumalin–two people who started off as enemies, actually it was a one-sided prejudice by Angsumalin that  blossomed into love.

Here is a wiki synopsis of the plot:

‘Set in 1939, the early days of World War II in Siam, to Angsumalin meeting one last time with her childhood friend, a young Thai man named Vanus. He is leaving for England for his studies and hopes that Angsumalin will wait for him and marry him when he returns.

Shortly thereafter, Thailand is invaded by Japanese military forces. In Thonburi, opposite Bangkok on the Chaophraya River, the Imperial Japanese Navy establishes itself at a base. The forces there are led by Kobori, an idealistic young captain. One day he sees Angsumalin swimming in the river and falls for her. She, being a proudly nationalistic Thai woman, despises him because he is a foreigner.

Nonetheless, Kobori persists at seeing her and a courtship develops. Angsumalin found that Kobori is a real nice gentleman and start falling for him but she kept her feelings in secret because of the war.

Then, for political reasons, Angsumalin’s father – who is the Leader of Free Thai resistance, insists that she marry Kobori. Understanding that Angsumalin is not marrying him out of love, Kobori promises not to touch her, but he breaks that vow after the wedding.

Despite this, Angsumalin develops tender feelings for Kobori, but is still torn by her feelings for her nation and feel quilty to Vanus, who returns to set in motion a conflict between the two men.’


‘Khu Kam’ the series will air this Monday January 28, 2013 on Ch5. The song ‘Khu Kam’ is sung by the actors of the series Bie and Noona, it’s a beautiful song narrating the couples struggles to be together. I know I am late on my post, the MV was released last week on January 17.

The lyrics:

(Bie) Because you and I have created karma from what previous life to have it be like this?

(Noona) Our good deeds brought us back together like our love would end happily. But the karma we have caused our sufferings to continue.

(Bie) I live far at the other end of the horizon, still I was led to meet you.

(Noona)My first meeting with you, I hated you, asking to stay far away from you.

(Bie) From that to love

(Noona) I love you with all my heart and for whatever reason the heavens took you from me.

(Bie) In this life we were born to be  ill-fated lovers

(Noona) What reincarnate life will the heavens let us be a couple?

(Bie)Pleading with the sky

(Noona)Begging the heavens

(Both) can you help us?

(Noona) No matter how many life times, I will not break my vow

(Bie) That my soul will continue to wait for you, at the tip of the horizon, far away in the milky way.

(Both) waiting for our last reincarnated life to be together.

(Bie) In this life, we were born to be ill-fated lovers.

(Noona) What life time will let us be a couple

(Bie) Pleading with the sky

(Noona) Begging the heavens

(Noona) No matter how many life times, I will not break my vow

(Bie) That my soul will wait for you forever, at the tip of the horizon, faraway in the milky way.