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Fitting pictures for Anne and Tik’s new lakorn

 photo paajaew_zpsb0d1c55e.jpg
Sounds like a bitter love story. They fell in love during their university days and then she abruptly leaves him to marry some other guy.

Anne Thongprasom and ‘Tik’ Jesadaporn Pholdee new lakorn is titled ‘Yaa Leum Chan (Don’t forget me)’ and it will be directed by ‘Paa Jaew’ Yuthtana Lopanpaibul, the man who gave us ‘Raeng Prathana (Heated Desires)’. The story starts off with a young couple Suriyawadee (Anne) and Khemmachart (Tik) who fell in love while studying at a university. He gives her a ‘forget me not’ flower ring to represent their eternal love for one another. Then they break up when she abruptly drops out of school without telling him to marry another guy. She had family issues. This leaves him devastated and bitter towards her. He stayed in school, worked really hard to obtain his degree, and was able to build himself up to become a successful businessman. After years of being apart, she comes back into his life as Mrs. Suriyong and his jacked up emotions of anger, hate, grievances, and love for her reemerges. That’s a lot to take in.

This is a remake of ‘Pete’ Puntakarn Thongjure and ‘Ann’ Siriam Pakdeedamrongrit’s lakorn of the same name from 1998.

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Mario Maurer’s horror comedy

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This is hilarious, it made my day.

Mario Maurer, as you know, did a film coming out soon with ‘Mai’ Davika Hoorne, titled ‘Pee Mak…Phra Khanong’, it’s  a parody of the classic horror story of Mae Nak, the young woman who in Thai folklore dies during a difficult childbirth while her husband Mak is off fighting a war in early 19th century Thailand. She becomes a ghost along with her child and tries to maintain a relationship with her husband when he returns from the war. When neighbors try to warn Mak that Nak is a ghost, she kills them all. It’s a classic, I have heard this story since I was a kid. There has been many, MANY rendition of this ghost story to film, to cartoon,  to etc.

‘Pee Mak…Phra Khanong’ is produced by GTH productions and is coming out this March 28, 2013.

The part that got me laughing in the teaser was when Mario as Mak was explaining how to pronounce his name to his two friends.

Mario: ‘The truth is, my name should be pronounce like MARK. There is only person who calls me that  is Daddy, but he returned to the United States of America with the missionary already.’–Like what! That scene starts at the  1:05 time mark.

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Ploy Chermarn is the older woman who falls for Mario Maurer

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Just when people are debating about Nadech and Anne Thongprasom, here comes a new lakorn starring Ploy Chermarn as the older woman who falls for the younger guy in Mario Maurer for the lakorn  ‘Madame Dun’, a romantic comedy from Broadcast Thai Television.

Ploy is playing an ambitious talent agent slash manager whose main goal is to make her client a SUPERSTAR, she is like the girl version of  ‘A’ Supachai Sriwichit, the man who manages all the big stars in Thailand from Nadech Kugimiya to Mario Mario to Aum Patcharapa to Mark Prin to a lot of people. Mario is one of Ploy’s clients and her love interest in the series. I am digging this premise, the woman is the care-taker, the dominant one where as the guy is her ball of clay waiting to be mold into a big star.

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Rita spent Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend and family

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[An Old pic of the couple]

Thai-Danish actress ‘Rita’ Sririta Jensen said she spent Valentine’s Day having dinner with her family from Denmakr, and her boyfriend, rapper Khanngoen “Khan” Nuanual of the Thai rap group Thaitanium. That’s nice. Rita said she planned the whole thing and had a lovely time with her family and Khan.

‘This pass Valentine’s day I went on a boat on the Chao Phraya river ka. There was my family who just came from Denmark, my mother and my mother’s friend and also Khan. I planned this whole trip. They just arrived and I took them out to dinner. It was very romantic. They were very pleased ka.’

For Valentine’s Day, Rita’s boyfriend Khan did surprise her with flowers and a gift but she did not disclose what he gave her. Her family has met Khan and they all love him, said Rita.

When asked if he told her he loved her on Valentine’s day, she said yes with a shy smile. There was some of that, just a little, she said. They are getting serious. Rita should be happy, her currently airing lakorn ‘Manee Sawad’ is doing very well for a Ch3 lakorn.

Source: Khaosod


Anne Thongprasom wants to work with Nadech badly

 photo ann_zpsabce0fc9.jpgPrice doesn’t matter said veteran actress turned lakorn producer Anne Thongprasom, she wants to work with  Nadech Kugimiya. Her concern right now is his scheduling.

‘I want to work with him, but his queue is very long. I don’t know how it will turn out. I don’t know if he will have time for me. Or if he wants to work with me or not. But I want him. I don’t dare hope because truthfully I am afraid to be disappointed (laughs). As for his performance fee, it’s okay na. I will fight for it, it is not a problem. I am only scared about his scheduling. His scheduling is more difficult than his performance fee,’ said Ann Thongprasom at the Top awards a few days ago where she won best leading actress in a series for ‘Qi Pao’ and Nadech won best leading actor in a series for ‘Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Whose Land is this?)’.

Source: Sanook Movie


Oh has given birth to her daughter Nong Sandee

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Congratulations are in order for actress and TV host “Oh” Pakjira Wanasut, she  has given birth to her daughter Nong Sandee via a Cesarean section at the  Bumrungrad International Hospital yesterday morning February 16, 2013. Both mother and child are doing well.

This is a big triumph for Oh who has been struggling with MG, a muscular autoimmune disease. I wish her the best.

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