Fitting pictures for Anne and Tik’s new lakorn

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Sounds like a bitter love story. They fell in love during their university days and then she abruptly leaves him to marry some other guy.

Anne Thongprasom and ‘Tik’ Jesadaporn Pholdee new lakorn is titled ‘Yaa Leum Chan (Don’t forget me)’ and it will be directed by ‘Paa Jaew’ Yuthtana Lopanpaibul, the man who gave us ‘Raeng Prathana (Heated Desires)’. The story starts off with a young couple Suriyawadee (Anne) and Khemmachart (Tik) who fell in love while studying at a university. He gives her a ‘forget me not’ flower ring to represent their eternal love for one another. Then they break up when she abruptly drops out of school without telling him to marry another guy. She had family issues. This leaves him devastated and bitter towards her. He stayed in school, worked really hard to obtain his degree, and was able to build himself up to become a successful businessman. After years of being apart, she comes back into his life as Mrs. Suriyong and his jacked up emotions of anger, hate, grievances, and love for her reemerges. That’s a lot to take in.

This is a remake of ‘Pete’ Puntakarn Thongjure and ‘Ann’ Siriam Pakdeedamrongrit’s lakorn of the same name from 1998.

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Anne getting a hug from Paa Jaew, the director. I love his work, he makes coherent and beautiful lakorns.

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Anne getting a forehead kiss from Tik

Source: Kapook