Khu Kam Ep 3: Kobori is a player

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I nearly died of laughter, he is laying it on thick, telling her he doesn’t know the Thai language but he knows her language. Well what do you mean by that, sir? Like he has got it all down, they only met like three times, now he is an expert on her. DORK!

Kobori brought his doctor friend to help Angsumalin’s grandmother who has been ill. As Angsumalin is preparing hot water, she is stung by a scorpion. Kobori hears the ruckus in the kitchen and goes to check on her. It was overly macho of him, killing the scorpion with a knife–it’s a bug, a pot would suffice. He made it look neat killing a scorpion with a bug and getting close to the girl of his dream.

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He asked her if the swelling hurts a lot, she said no it doesn’t hurt that much. He picks up on that and says:’So that means it hurts a lot.’

Angsumalin:’Hey, don’t you understand Thai?’

Kobori:’The Thai language I don’t know, your language I do know. When you say it doesn’t hurt, it means it hurts a lot.’–what the who. Playa, making his move alert.

Angsumalin:’That is going too far!!’

Koboir:’Too far? What’s too far? I don’t understand.’

He asked for the candle and heated the swelling on her hand, she tried to pull her hand away while telling him it hurts. She knocks him over and he just smiles at her.

‘Is it better? It is an old Japanese method. It might hurt tonight but it is better than letting it go.’

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She apologized for whacking him earlier with the wooden cane. He said there is no need to. ‘It’s okay, it is not your fault. I was wrong. I am the bad one.’

He is doing a good job of planting a good impression of himself to her. He is a decent guy.