Khu Kam Ep 4: Kobori is disappointed

I am enjoying watching Khu Kam (Ill-fated lovers) 2013 with Bie and Noona, the tension between these two, the guilt behind their actions, the disappointment in the betrayal of being literally slash in the back with a rusty sword, they go through emotions most lakorns lack.

Kobori has been attacked by two assailant out for revenge for the oil-feeding incident from the prior episode, he was attacked while walking back to the dock from Angsumalin’s house after having dinner with her family. Ang knows the attackers. At dinner, she had been giving Kobori and his doctor friend hints to be cautious. Also, she wanted to escort them back to the dock, but Kobori laughingly declined because it was late at night and he would feel obligated to walk her back. There would be no point.

After getting slashed in the back with a sword, Kobori’s doctor friend cared for him at Ang’s house. The next morning, he recoils from her kindness because he felt betrayed by her. She knew he would be attack when and where but did not say anything. He knows it.

I want to add, Mr. Bie is pretty buff in this series. He is been getting a lot of no shirt scenes to show off his muscular physique. Hmm.

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Kobori struggled all night, his doctor friend is going back to the dock to get more medicine. He is left alone with Ang and he lets her have it–his disappointment in her.

Kobori:’I was too fortunate, I have disappointment many people.’

Ang full of guilt:’What does that mean?’

Kobori struggling to speak:’It means I didn’t die, like how some people hoped.’

Ang:’Those people, who are you referring to?’

Kobori:’You know well, why do I have to say it.’

Ang pretending not to know:’What do you think I know.’

He knows it.

Kobori:’You know who wanted to hurt me and the doctor when, where,  and how.’–nods yes.

She looks away in guilt.

Kobori:’I know you hate me, I didn’t know you hate me that much to want me to die. Can you tell me, why do you hate me? I noticed yesterday evening, you were not happy that the doctor and I came here but I was still hoping we could be friends. In my country, a smile and sincerity can connect people. But now I understand what I believe can not be apply with you.’

He inches closer to her. Which was kinda awkward.

Kobori:’You hate me…deeply. You hate me when I don’t even know what I have done wrong. I want to tell you, if your hate comes from me being Japanese and you being Thai and we have to be enemies, you should know you and I can’t choose that.’

Ang defends herself:’You are misunderstanding me, I don’t want anyone to die.’

Kobori with a tear streaming down his face:’You don’t need to say anything to make things better. You have more self-respect than to lie to yourself. I accept you might hate me. If you saw me die, I don’t think you would feel anything.’—No, she doesn’t. Don’t worry Kobori, I am telling you I know the future. She will be your baby-mama.

Ang:’We the Thai people are not that heartless and cruel.’

He chuckles.

Kobori:’So for that reason, you came to help me to show you are not that heartless and cruel.’

Ang:’I have enough humanity, do you understand me. I still have the feelings of being a human being having love and concern for another person’s life. Even if an animal was being harmed, I would run to help them too. Not like Japanese people, who invade to start a war, destroy everything, how many innocent people have they killed?’

Kobori:’It’s NOT Japanese people. Not all Japanese people want a war, want to kill people. I, too, have a home that is peaceful and beautiful comparable to here.’

‘It doesn’t matter. I have to thank you for your kindness who burden yourself to help me when everything was my error. I was not cautious, not even to carry a weapon because I believed the people here were friendly towards us. I know now, I understand now, I thought wrong.’

Ang:’It doesn’t matter what you think. I can only say I am truly sorry.’

He grabs her arm. ‘I will not forget your sorriness at this moment.’

She pushed him back and he lands on his back where his wound is at. Painful.