Kimberly does her first interview with Jett

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At the prayer ceremony of her lakorn ‘Dton Ruk Rim Rua (Love started at the fence)’ with Mark Prin a few days ago, Kimberly Ann Voltemas stood beside her ‘boyfriend’ and boss ‘Jett’ Nattapong Mernprasitivej for an interview with the press. This is the first for the couple who are dating but have not been completely open about it. Kim is very much a part of his family. She spends a lot of time with his family traveling aboard and working for them in lakorns.

For the interview, Kim and Jett discussed their working relationship and their latest venture together.

Kim:’The series ‘Dton Ruk Rim Rua’ we have started filming for it. This is not my first project with P’Jett so I don’t feel tense about it because we have worked together before.’

Jett:’I read the story and this pra’ek and nang’ek pairing appeared in my head (meaning when he read the story, he immediately thought of  Kim and Mark for the leading roles). This is my second project with Kim. I am not monopolizing krap because if you let me give out orders, I won’t give out orders because I am scared (laughs).’

Kim has been seen a lot with his family, maybe it’s not mor som, not appropriate. Kim admits she is close to his family and she is involve in many of their projects so it is not strange she is constantly with them.  Jett said he doesn’t feel distress about the attention. They are conducting themselves in a suitable manner, people can see that. If you were to think about everything, it would make you upset. You just have to do your job well, said Jett.

There is two conflicting opinions about Kim, well about every celebrity– some people hate her, some people adore her.

A Thai netizen wondered if Kim wasn’t dating Jett would she receive all these lakorn roles so quickly? Her face and body is not all that, she looks older than her real age. Pairing her off with Mark and Nadech, she looked more like their older sister than their love interest, said the netizen. Also, people shouldn’t dispute that Kim has amazing acting skills, she doesn’t. It’s so-so. This person is bored with Kim who has risen to fame because of her connections instead of her talents. That’s a lot of hate for Kim.

Then there are people who like Kim. This netizen wrote:’I like Kim, her acting is improving constantly, she is cute. She cries well. Her body shape is pretty in Kim’s own way. Do you want everyone to be skinny like a malnourished kid or what?’–it’s true, there is way too many anorexic looking Thai actresses. Several weeks ago, mother was watching ‘Raeng Pratana’ and she observed Kim has a booty and she likes it. Kim looks healthy.

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 ‘Dton Ruk Rim Rua (Love started at the fence)’ is romantic comedy about two best  friends who married each other twice. The first is for convenience, the second I am assuming is for love. To keep her job, the nang’ek of the story must find a husband, so she recruits her best friend the pra’ek to be her fake husband.

Source: Manager