Mario and Gubgib have broken up

But still are friends. I don’t get that impression though. It seems he really really wants to distance himself from her.

First, he downgraded their relationship to just being friends but SHE didn’t confirm it saying their relationship is still the same. NO change whatsoever. At the press conference/meet the press of his new film ‘Jandara:Finale 2013′, the exotic drama a few days ago–Mario laid the cement on this issue. He was adamant they were kaputs or just friends. Same thing.

His words:’I have said everything when I met you guys (the reporters) last time. Today, I have nothing more to say. Truthfully I have not talked to Gubgib at all. As for our answers not being the same, I don’t know what to say about that.’–Okay.

Reporters asked Mario if Gubgib would come to the press conference to support him, he said ‘No’.

‘Yes krap, we have separated like what I have told you, I have talked to her regarding this.’

‘Right now, we are not [dating], we are friends krap.’–geez.

Soon after, Gubgib did confirm they have ended their relationship. The rumor is she has been seeing someone else while Mario was out of the country working– promoting his international films, modeling, etc. The other guy is an upcoming celebrity with a famous political family background, his name is ‘Kamo’ Archawin Ubumrung. Who knows this might be a false rumor, she takes a lot of pictures with other guys. Friendly or something more, kids nowadays, you can’t tell.

I found it funny that some Thai Netizen wrote, finally you (Mario) see the light. Some people just have no love for Gubgib.

Here a picture of Kamo

Ploy Chermarn, Gubgib, Kamo, actress Due, and friend.

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