Mario Maurer’s horror comedy

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This is hilarious, it made my day.

Mario Maurer, as you know, did a film coming out soon with ‘Mai’ Davika Hoorne, titled ‘Pee Mak…Phra Khanong’, it’s  a parody of the classic horror story of Mae Nak, the young woman who in Thai folklore dies during a difficult childbirth while her husband Mak is off fighting a war in early 19th century Thailand. She becomes a ghost along with her child and tries to maintain a relationship with her husband when he returns from the war. When neighbors try to warn Mak that Nak is a ghost, she kills them all. It’s a classic, I have heard this story since I was a kid. There has been many, MANY rendition of this ghost story to film, to cartoon,  to etc.

‘Pee Mak…Phra Khanong’ is produced by GTH productions and is coming out this March 28, 2013.

The part that got me laughing in the teaser was when Mario as Mak was explaining how to pronounce his name to his two friends.

Mario: ‘The truth is, my name should be pronounce like MARK. There is only person who calls me that  is Daddy, but he returned to the United States of America with the missionary already.’–Like what! That scene starts at the  1:05 time mark.

Stills from the film:

 photo pEEMAK1_zps97eae535.jpg photo pEEMAK6_zpsd99bf1bd.jpg

Mai Davika as a ghost.

 photo pEEMAK6_zpsfba7b692.jpg

The child ghost?

 photo pEEMAK2_zpsf11939f9.jpg photo pEEMAK7_zps4482f336.jpg

The happy couple

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The loneliness is killing her.

 photo pEEMAK5_zpsb245c3a9.jpg

Waiting for her husband to come home from the war

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Their home.