Pancake’s house was not robbed

So lost, so she wasn’t burglarized even though she said she was. Honestly when I saw pictures of actress ‘Pancake’ Khemmanid Jamikorn pointing at spots where her house was burglarized wearing a pink floral dress, I didn’t think much of it. Today Pancake and her mother held a press conference to clarify that no robbery took place, they reported a Rolex watch and a pair of diamond earrings were taken from their home valuing at 200,000 baht ($6,722.69 USD). Now they claim it was a misunderstanding, her mother had forgotten where she stored it. Say what.

I don’t know the details of this whole mess, there is like a mystery footprint left in the bathroom, and Thai netizens are left to speculate on what happened.

Some of their comments:


‘Strawberry (liar) both the daughter and mother, this family.’

‘Oh! A celebrity, it’s normal.’

‘The next time she gets rob and goes to report it, the police won’t believe her.’

‘She is the robber, the end.’

‘Where did the footprint come from in the bathroom, People eat rice na, not grass straw’–meaning people are not stupid.

‘I think someone in the family did it. That person probably confessed to the mother already because they feared it might go too far.’

‘This is retarded.’


‘Actually, Pancake’s mother is pitiful, she has to come out to protect her son.’

‘They should show the stolen watch and the diamonds to prove they found it.’

‘If not a celebrity, would the police come out with a press conference or not. Other people would lose more than this. The Thai police don’t care, Thai police officers, Thailand. 5555’

Some people think it might be her brother who allegedly has a gambling problem. Okay. I don’t know.

Source: Kapook, The Nation (in English)